Did you think that a holiday in Mauritius was exclusive and expensive? Exclusive, yes, but a trip to this diverse island in the Indian Ocean doesn’t have to be expensive! I have some tips to help you experience Mauritius on a budget. I’ll make sure you don’t miss anything!

The island of Mauritius is situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Madagascar. The island’s 2,000 square kilometres are full of heavenly beaches, beautiful towns, picture-perfect waterfalls and vast national parks. All this ensures that you’ll have a relaxing holiday filled with things to do. With its gorgeous landscape and weather and especially its secluded location, you’d think that Mauritius is an exclusive holiday destination, like the Maldives or the Seychelles, which requires a large holiday budget. But is this really the case or can you holiday there on a small budget?

Tips for Mauritius on a budget

Choose when to travel wisely | Find cheap hotels

Experience Mauritius for free | Food & Drink

Save money by travelling to Mauritius in low season

Peak season in Mauritius is from May to October. Pleasant temperatures of 30 degrees and few rainy days mean that this time of the year is ideal for a holiday. But, Mauritius can also be a good place to stay during the low season. At this time, it’s a little hotter and more humid. September to November and March to May, which are largely outside peak season, have few rainy days and lots of sunshine. From January to March, Mauritius is occasionally hit by cyclones, which can cause power failures and flooding. These months are not suitable for most travellers.


In low season, prices for flights as well as hotels and excursions often drop, which means that you can stick to budget on your holiday. I advise you to book flights and accommodation separately as you often come across amazing hotels at a bargain price! I’m going to tell you how to find these deals now.

Good but cheap hotels in Mauritius

Compared to the Maldives you’ll be able to find lots and lots of properties and hotels across Mauritius, which cater to holidaymakers with a tight budget. People, who prefer self-catering, will love the properties on Airbnb. You can find villas with a private pool and sea-view terrace for just 45€ per night. I’ve found a few cheaper Airbnbs in Mauritius to show you what some of the properties look like. If you’d like to know more about one of the properties you’ve seen, just click on the picture below. It will take you to Airbnb’s website where you can see all the information and more pictures.

If you really want to save some money, you can stay overnight in Mauritius for 9-15€ per night. You don’t get a private pool at this price but who needs one when you can live like a local and the sea is right in front of your nose?

Are you looking for a cheap hotel where meals are also included? There is an abundance of hotels like this in Mauritius. I have carefully examined the five budget hotels in Mauritius with the best reviews:

  • Golden Shell Residence: east Mauritius, 2 minutes from the beach. Wifi and air conditioning. Price per night for a double room: from 21€.
  • Sacha Resorts: southeast Mauritius, 10 minutes from the beach. Wifi, pool and air conditioning. Price per night for a double room: from 25€.
  • Auberge Le Saladier: southeast Mauritius, 10 minutes from the beach. Wifi available. Price per night of a double room: from 30€ including breakfast.
  • Gite des Acacias: southeast Mauritius, 20 minutes from the beach. Wifi, pool and air conditioning. Price per night of a double room: 39€ including breakfast.
  • L’Oiseau de l’Océan: west Mauritius, 15 minutes from the beach. Wifi, pool and air conditioning. Price per night of a double room: from 48€ including breakfast.

The hotels in Mauritius are generally cheaper than those in the Seychelles, for example. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a suitable place to stay. If you’re travelling to Mauritius in peak season, it’s best to book your desired accommodation well in advance as the best cheap properties are obviously very popular.

Free activities in Mauritius

In addition to flights, activities and excursions are among the most expensive things to factor into your holiday in Mauritius. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from taking a trip to Gabriel Island or a boat trip to the beach of Ile aux Cerfs. Excursions like these cost between 20-100€ depending on the tour operator. They often include drinks, fruit and meals and I heartily recommend them. During my stay in Mauritius, I went on a catamaran cruise to Gabriel Island. It was one of the most beautiful days I spent in Mauritius. You should enjoy yourself every once in a while! The excursions and activities in Mauritius aren’t too expensive but I would still like to show you how you can experience some of the highlights even more cheaply or even for free.

The beaches

Mauritius has lots of breathtakingly beautiful beaches, which don’t belong to hotels or take an entry fee, for example. Rent a bike or use the inexpensive public transport network to find the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Rochester Falls

You can admire the Rochester Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island, for free. You can find the waterfall in the south of the island, near Souillac. It is unmistakable by the shape of the lava rock, where the water runs over it into the basin.

Le Morne Brabant

You can partly climb the 556-metre-high mountain, which dominates the village of Le Morne in the south of Mauritius, for free without a guide. However, to reach the summit, an experienced, local guide is necessary because the uneven footpaths can be a real challenge for people, who aren’t familiar with the area. A guided tour to the summit costs around 40-50€ per person. You shouldn’t miss out on this experience if you love nature and hiking!

“The most beautiful things on Mauritius are worth the effort”

Once you’ve arrived at the top, you’ll not only have a great view over the island, but you can also see the famous underwater waterfall off the coast of Mauritius. You can’t expect too much as the full effect is only visible from a bird’s eye view but it’s a great view all the same. It’s definitely worth climbing the mountain!

Port Louis

You can take a break from the beach and nature in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. The port town has great places to shop, museums where you can learn more about the history of the island country, and other cultural establishments like temples and theatres.

Foto: photosounds/Shutterstock.com

The Black River Gorges National Park

The park is in the southwest of the island. Here, you can wander around and enjoy the unique natural world of Mauritius. The paths are well-signposted, which makes finding your way around easy. The viewing points along the route let you catch a glimpse of the green side of Mauritius.

I have another tip for you. Renting a car in Mauritius isn’t as expensive as you might think. During your holiday, you should take at least one day to explore the island by car so you can see all the best parts of the island! It’s not too difficult driving in Mauritius as they drive on the left there, too!

Cheap food in Mauritius

Meat, fish, fresh fruits, rice and noodle dishes are all on the menu in Mauritius. The choice of tasty delicacies is huge. Don’t forget to try the local Creole cuisine, which is served in an authentic way at the countless small shacks in Mauritius. Often, the locals in these small stalls only sell one or two dishes, which they prepare according to traditional recipes. My favourites are the spicy curries, which are served with vegetables, meat and rice. Another plus is that the dishes often cost a fraction of the price of what you’d pay in a restaurant. As a snack in between meals, I would recommend fresh fruit and coconuts, which are sold at small stands and at the beach, or other local specialities like samosas or riz frit (fried rice).

Foto: istock.com/AsianDream

Another good place to find relatively cheap food are the supermarkets, which you can find all over Mauritius. The range of food is huge and the prices are also great value. After I went on a day trip, I bought a few treats in the supermarket and then enjoyed them on the terrace of my apartment. Most apartments in Mauritius have a kitchen with a fridge so you can cater for yourself easily. You don’t have to go to a restaurant every evening!

Foto: istock.com/byvalet

I hope that this article has reassured you that you can avoid high prices on Mauritius. A holiday in Mauritius isn’t as expensive as many people think. With some luck, you’ll also be able to find cheap flights to bring you to this island country in the Indian Ocean. Flights often take half the budget when it comes to travelling to Mauritius. Have fun in paradise!

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