Marina Bay Sands in Singapore!

Everyone has heard about the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, right? It’s a striking feature of the skyline of this Asian metropolis where people are looking for any chance to cool down almost all year round – in some months the air humidity is unbearable for us Europeans. So it’s no surprise that the hotel offers a huge infinity pool which belongs to the most famous and most often photographed in the world. I think it’s enough of a reason to introduce it to you today.


In demand: infinity pool in Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Instagram seems to be full to the brim with photos of people posing in the pool of Marina Bay Sands and proudly presenting their selfies to the world. The photo seems to be a symbol of status – after all you’re not just bathing in any pool but the most sought-after hotel pool in the world. Instagramers from all around the world stream to Singapore and many come here just for the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It’s no wonder, since the view from the terrace of the pool, perched on the 57th floor, is simply unique and exclusive. By posting a photo, people prove not only their worldly adventures but also that they can afford to spend a night in a 5 star hotel in one of the most expensive cities in the world.


Chilling in the Marina Bay Sands pool without a room reservation?

Relaxing in the pool without having to book an expensive room – is that even possible in Marina Bay Sands? Many hotels offer non-guests an opportunity to buy a day-pass for a small fee which gives them unlimited access to the pool so that they can spend a relaxing day in the hotel lounge, sipping cocktails and enjoying the sun.

That’s not the case in Marina Bay Sands. The hotel website is quite clear: ”Access to the Infinity Pool is available only to guests of Marina Bay Sands hotel”.

So, if you pay about €303 for a room, you can be sure that you’ll be sharing the pool ‘only’ with the hotel guests. There are more than 2500 rooms in the hotel altogether – the terrace is probably very calm and quiet only when the pool is closed for the night. Many guests rave about the unbelievable views but some don’t conceal the fact that the pool was too overcrowded for their liking. But that’s just the downside of a hotel with such widespread reputation. A quick recap: it’s definitely luxurious, but exclusivity is limited.


Cheaper alternatives

Sure, there can’t be many alternatives to a swim in an infinity pool on the 57th floor but if you don’t feel like paying over €300 for this pleasure, there are two other cheap opportunities to enjoy an extraordinary view of Singapore.


  • Tip no. 1: Skypark observation deck

You’ll find another highlight on the 57th floor apart from the pool – the Skypark. Tourists can book tickets costing about €12.50 and enjoy a stunning view of the city.

  • Tip no. 2: A cocktail at CE LA VI Singapore

The CE LA VI restaurant is also located on the 57th floor and offers its guests not only the culinary delicacies but also delicious cocktails with a view. You should definitely reserve a table here in the afternoon and especially at sunset and remember to book to avoid disappointment. The adjacent SkyBar seems to be extremely popular too. A chic clubbing outfit is expected after 6pm, famous DJs heat up the dance floor – just kick back and enjoy your drink in a very unique atmosphere.

  • Tip no. 3: Cheese and Chocolate Bar in Club 55

If you remove that zero from the room price, you can enjoy the culinary heaven on Earth on the 55th floor. A buffet like you’ve never tasted awaits you here: finest chocolate and exquisite cheese. But watch out – there are so many delicacies here that you won’t know where to start. ;-) Club 55 is open between 8pm and midnight and you can easily book a table online. Once you see the buffet table, you’ll agree that at €30 this is simply a bargain!

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