Romantic and dazzlingly beautiful – that’s how I’d describe Rovinj. Learn more about Croatia’s lovely city and be prepared to fall in love with it. This might even be the next holiday destination for you!

I just can’t say it enough – Croatia just has so many gems which make a holiday there unforgettable. I know I’ve fallen in love with Dubrovnik and Split a long time ago, but this time I wanted to show you somewhere else that’s incredibly special: Rovinj. Belonging to the province of Istria, this is easily one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia with its romantic old town and the narrow, picturesque streets which enchant everyone who visits.

Istria’s gem: Rovinj

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Holidaying in Croatia

To get to this lovely corner of the earth, you’ll have to fly to Pula. Once you’ve arrived on the west coast of Istria, you shouldn’t waste any time – just get going! Experience the beautiful, quiet ambience of the characteristic old town, which is really one of a kind. As Rovonj was once built on an island and then only later connected to the mainland, the old town is now on a peninsula. Similar to a game of Tetris, every little nook and cranny is filled, buildings cosying up to each other; the narrower and taller, the better. The many chimneys poking out over the tops of the houses are visible from afar.

Port town Rovinj (Rovigno), Croatia

Rovinj shows its best side when you just wander through at your own pace and allow yourself time to stop and enjoy the little things in life. Whether you’re after adventure and keen to explore, or just want a bit of sun and looking for a sporting challenge – whatever you want, this town has got something for everyone. Rovinj can even surprise you, and it’s exactly that which makes it so special.

On the trail to Rovinj’s past

You can see throughout the whole town that Rovinj has a long history hiding behind it, but not in the negative sense, I can assure you. As far as tourism is concerned, Rovinj is one of the best developed places in Croatia. There are also plenty of sights to see which recall times from the past centuries. Although the highlight has got to be the old town, the Saint Euphemia Cathedral is also a very striking landmark in itself. You won’t find any bigger landmark in Rovinj than this church, so enjoy soaking up the Venetian style and let it take effect over you for a moment. The Baptistery of the Holy Spirit is also one of the most important sites. Make your way to the bus station, then you will find yourself at the Trg na Ikvi square where this magnificent specimen is situated. The Franciscan Monastery, the city wall and gates, and the Country Museum and Aquarium are also interesting hotspots for tourists who are visiting Rovinj for the first time and looking for a change of scenery from the beaches.

A cobblestone street with stone buildings, souvenirs on the wall and the Church of Saint Euphemia in the distance.

Istria’s beaches know how to please

Aha! Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for… The beaches. It’s no secret that Croatia is known for crystal clear water and lovely beaches, but unfortunately those who are longing to feel sand between their toes are going to be disappointed, I’m afraid! Although there is a whole load of small coves and wide beaches, these are all pebbly beaches here in Rovinj, and even little pieces of concrete sometimes turn up. If you like sports though, at least you wont have to deal with soft sand slowing you down, or sand sticking in unwanted places. And walking over the beach in flip flops is no longer a problem! You’ve always got to look on the bright side! And that is definitely here in Rovinj. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in Istria and the comfortable temperatures mean that you can easily swim from May to the start of October. The pebble beach of Amarin has been awarded a Blue Flag, but that doesn’t mean it should overshadow other beautiful beaches like Valdalise, Lone and Kuvi. Whist the beautifully clear water offers great opportunities for snorkelling and diving, the there are also sections for dogs and some nudist sections.

Croatia is well known for private accommodation

Good and cheap, ideally with its own pool – to get all that in Croatia isn’t actually that hard! I have even heard of stories where people have spontaneously booked accommodation at the last minute. But for those that prefer the safer option, it’s best to scout around on the web before you go. What sort of accommodation will you find? Well here’s something I’ve found: on Airbnb you can find a holiday home with its own pool, not too far from the beach, for just €92 a night. You could spend relaxed hours by the pool, or make yourselves cosy with a book on the sun terrace. Take a look at the pictures and see whether this little house is something you might be looking for.

Aerial view of harbour in Rovinj, Croatia. Image with many details.

Croatia is just stunning

You can see, a holiday in Rovinj can fulfil every wish, Why not just try it out! Treat yourselves to a few relaxing days in Croatia, try the delicious dishes in the taverns and snatch yourselves some sun. See you there!


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