To roam through the savannah’s endless expanses and soak up the unbelievable diversity – that’s what most holidaymakers want from their safari when travelling to Africa. It’s possible to stay in small lodges, tents, and even some of the most luxurious accommodation in the world. Three of them in particular really caught my eye – these elegant treehouses are in the middle of the Lion Sands Game Reserve, a part of the world famous Kruger National Park which stretches out over 19,000km² across the border of South Africa and Mozambique. Unique comfort in the middle of stunning nature – these luxury tree houses will leave you speechless!


Luxury Tree Houses In Africa

Sleep under the stars

Warm wood beneath your bare feet, a light evening breeze, the cries of exotic birds and a sunset that’s out of this world…that’s the dream-like reality for guests who indulge themselves with a night at the three exclusive tree houses in the reserve. Once the sun has set the African bush comes to life. Hyenas laugh, lions roar and hippos fight over their territory in the near-by river. The skies above the tree houses are clearer than anywhere else in the world, filled with stars which shine to their full extent – something which you can barely see when you’re back in civilisation!

In the free-standing sky beds of the treehouses guests can sleep in the middle of the African wilderness – a mosquito net is the only thing between you and nature. There’s no need to be scared, as the treehouses are at a safe hight to stop the wildlife from coming up. An experienced guide will show you the way, explain all the amenities and features of the elegant treehouse and will leave you to it! You’ll be able to get in touch with them via radio during the entire night.


Dinner with an outstanding view

Dinner is brought to the tree house in a picnic basket. Depending on your personal tastes there’s different delicacies, south African wines and of course the best view in the world right next to you! Jaguars, zebras, elephants and many other impressive wild animals can be seen from the treehouse. It doesn’t get any better than this!

These luxury treehouses will leave you speechless…

The three luxury treehouses are located in the Lion Sands Reserve and each one is one-of-a-kind, which boast spectacular views and amenities.

Tinyeleti Treehouse

In this stunning tree house on the Sabie river guests have the chance to observe the savannah’s inhabitants while having a drink – wild romance at its best! The Tinyeleti Treehouse has everything you could ever need for a luxurious night. The 50m² space has enough room for four people and children are also welcome. There isn’t any wifi, but who needs it…


Chalkley Treehouse

5-star comfort, a gourmet picnic and unspoilt nature await guests at Chalkley Treehouse. Unlike the Tinyeleti Treehouse this gem is right in the middle of the bush rather than next to a river. A leadwood tree provides the rustic foundations and its impressive branches make for a tranquil environment. There’s no wifi here as well, and the 40m² space can house two people. The perfect place for a honeymoon, then!


Kingston Treehouse

The largest treehouse has a glazed bathroom with a shower and a rustic sink, a large sky bed and space for four people on offer. It’s your own fault if you can’t go to bed happy here!


All three houses are available for booking the whole year round. It costs around €260 per night here, but let’s be honest – this experience is just priceless!

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