Madness – the most beautiful pool in the world!

Some hotels are so luxurious and exclusive they end up on the list of Leading Hotels of the World. This list contains over 400 hotels that have consistently demonstrated excellent standards, and you’ll also find luxury hostels among the ranks as well.


One of these Leading Hotels of the World is the Laucala Island Resort, a private island in the Fiji atoll. Its amazing location in paradise isn’t the only reason why this hotel distinguishes itself from the rest – it has a pool so beautiful it’ll bring tears of joy to your eyes!

Luxury in the Laucala Island Resort

Laucala Island is the resort of your dreams. The island is around 1,400 hectares large and is perfectly suited for a honeymoon full of luxury and relaxation. The majority of the island is completely untouched, so the jungles here are full of diverse, tropical animals and on the wide grass plains you’ll be able to see horses and cattle peacefully grazing. All the herbs and spices that are used in the kitchen to prepare delicious meals are grown in the gardens. Only the best for guests at the Laucala Island Resort!


The most beautiful pool in the world

The highlight of the resort isn’t the overwater bungalows or the villas in the middle of the plantation – no, the real show-stopper here is the extraordinary pool!

It’s located in a natural lagoon and is split across three different levels.


What’s special about it is that the front is completely encased in glass, so you’ll be able the swimmers inside as they swim their lengths! The overall look is just awesome, don’t you think?

Unfortunately for most of us a holiday at Laucala Island Resort is something we’ll never be able to afford – but who knows, you could soon be jetting off there if one day you win the lottery!


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