The beaches around Thailand belong to the most beautiful in the world! Crystal clear water and white sand beaches. Explore the island of Ko Samui and you’ll feel like heaven is on earth!

Nestled into the Gulf of Thailand this island is a true treasure! What used to be a tranquil fishing village is only starting to get one of the most beloved travel destinations in the world! One look at the divine beaches and you’ll be longing for this far-away destination. Largest island after Phuket, Ko Samui impresses with untouched jungle, secret temples, and prime diving spots. Get the best experience and let me show you all the best spots for that dream holiday you have always wished for…

Ko Samui Beach Guide – Explore hidden coastlines and secret coves

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Beautiful viewpoint at koh pangan. Horizontal image.


Halfway around the world, there is a secret paradise that is just waiting to be explored. 30°C all year long, coconut trees swaying in the wind, and turquoise water as far as the eye can see :) Ko Samui is one of over a hundred island nestled into the Gulf of Thailand. Until the 1970s there were no roads and nature was mostly untouched. The islands main part consists of natural jungle, while the beach impresses with stunning coves. A couple of decades later, you are now able to explore the island’s hidden treasures. One of Ko Samui’s perks is that there is no monsoon time like in other East Asian destinations.

Though there are several main roads by now, the best way to get around is by motorbike. There are countless shops with great offers, but be prepared to come across dirt roads once in a while. The culture of Ko Samui is deeply influenced the Buddhist believe. You can find temples all around, even in the deepest jungle. Thai people are very open and respectful to foreigners, but there temples and their religion are sacred, so be sure to respect it in every way possible.

The food in Ko Samui is comparable to classic Thai cuisine. The island itself is known for coconut export, so many dishes include them as a main ingredient. Rice and fish curries are very popular, but don’t underestimate the spices! A mild meal for a local might already be super spicy for us Europeans ;)



As tourism is growing there are certain beaches that get more and more popular. Big Bhudda Beach is probably one of the most famous across the whole island. Located in the north of Ko Samui it is home to island’s main attraction the Big Bhudda. Throwning over the coastline it is 12m high, shining in bright gold. Close to one the main harbours the beach is surely one of the touristic hotspots. Many backpackers arrive on daily basis, but there is now way to miss out on this great spot. Soak up the buzzing area, it makes the place feel even more exotic! ;)

If you would like to soak up the nature in quiet and private surroundings, my recommendation is to check the the high-class resorts around the island. Many 5-star hotels are starting to preserve the natural areas and the trees. The Four Season’s beach for example is rarely seen by anyone else than the hotel’s visitors. Don’t miss out on the opportunity, you can access it by boat. Another insider spot is the Silvadee Pool Spa. It is hard to believe that such a picture-perfect beach really exists! Stunning rocks, palm trees, and a great swimming spot. You have all the options to explore yourselves, so plan some day trips and rent a boat. It is more than worth it :)

In the evenings, the Lamai beach is your perfect bet for some nightlife. With numerous beach bars and local restaurants you will have plenty of entertainment. Experience great live-music or just watch the sunset at the beach. The Fusion Club is the one and only nightclub around with great atmosphere past midnight. In the mean time, you can go explore the Lamai Night Market. Browse colourful local stalls for great souvenirs and handmade accessorizes :)


The crystal clear water of the island is surely something out of the ordinary. If you ever wanted to get some diving lessons, this is the time to do it! Underwater, you will still be able to see as far as 10m ahead. Sea turtles, coral reefs, and little fish in vibrant colours at the tip of your fingers! The Dive Academy and the Discovery Dive Centre have hosted tours and lessons for decades. Check their offers and let them take you to the finest diving spots around! Beginner or not, this experience will stay with you forever :)

Most notable thing about Ko Samui is that it belongs to the Chumphon Archipelago which is a whole group of islands! Some of them are more than small and uninhabited, but within easiest reach. Think about a whole tour for diving and island hopping. 42 of the island around even belong to the Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park. A national park made out of islands, how could you miss out on this one!? ;)

Diving Barbados

Day trips

Ko Samui’s beaches are more than enough to take your breath away, but I don’t want to leave out the great opportunities for day trips! The Secret Buddha Garden should make the top your must-see list! Also known as the Magic Garden, it is located on the highest mountain of Ko Samui, the Khao Pom which is over 600m high. As you can imagine, you will be treated to both, mystical nature and stunning views over the coastline. The garden itself looks like a temple, but was indeed the garden of a retired farmer. Until his death at the age of 91 he took care of the site, that features numerous statues. Be enchanted by the little wonder he created, you will also find most exotic birds and plants. If you come really early, you will be treated to the most stunning sunrise :)

Moving on from all the beach and temple spots, we should come back to the fact that Ko Samui consists mostly of wild jungle with hidden waterfalls and a good amount of wild animals! Check the offers for safari tours and get on the wild side. Don’t fool yourselves, a jeep on the dirt roads can get quite dangerous. Get one of the local guides to bring you to the best spots, that way you can relax and take it all in ;)

Wild Darien jungle near Colombia and Panama border. Central America.

I am sure the gorgeous photos are enough to spark you wanderlust for Thailand, but I hope my bit of inspiration will help get you even more excited! :)

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