They met at the BIMM Music College in Dublin and bonded over a shared love for 80’s music. Two years after they are selling out shows! Vocalist Shobsy O’Brien, guitarist Joe Reagan, drummer Paul Ridgeway, and bassist Noel Perry that is the newcomer band State Lights! Founded in 2014 it didn’t take long for them to hit it off. The Workman’s Club, Castlepalooza, and the Whelan’s show are only a few of the great venues they played at.

With their new EP ‘The Disguise’ they made second place in the iTunes charts and it won’t be the last thing to hear about them this year. In between their stressful routine, singer Shobsy O’Brien found some time to chat about their first gig in London and his dream venue…

State Lights on the Dublin crowd, favourite spots in Ireland and tour plans!


Within the last year, you have played numerous shows in Dublin and at the Workman’s club. What is your favorite thing about the Dublin crowd, how would you describe it?

Dublin is an amazing place to play a gig. Ireland is a small country, and Dublin is a reasonably small city in comparison to others around the world. As a result of this, there is almost a familial feeling in Ireland. Playing The Workmans Club on September 24th was like performing in front of family, and I love that about playing in Dublin.

When you left to play in London for the first time, was it different? How?

Yes, it was quite different. London has a unique excitement I hadn’t felt before I travelled there. That excitement changed the flavour of the music for me. I felt it was a city that matched our music, large and expansive. I loved London so much that I found it to sleep there…I didn’t want to miss a second.

How did it feel to go abroad for the first time? Did it get you hooked on touring?

Travelling as a band abroad for the first time was dream like for us all. Something we’d imagined doing for years. For me, it only confirmed that this is all I want to do.

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If you could choose anywhere, where would you love to have a gig and why?

Madison Square Gardens. Because it’s the centre of popular live music for me.

Do you guys have any tour plans coming up yet?

An Irish tour is definitely not far away, but no plans are cemented yet. Though we will be getting down to Limerick to play Dolans for the first time supporting our great friends The Academic.

When you’re not on the move, what is your favourite insider spot around Ireland or the UK?

My favourite quiet spot in Ireland is Larkins pub in Garrykennedy, Co. Tipperary. Great food, great music, great people.

Everybody loves to hear about some performance rituals or superstitions. Will you spill some of yours for me?

Nothing too strange. I usually go off to find a quiet spot, to pray and centre myself.


Their single ‘Dance again with me’ and their new EP ‘The Disguise’ are available on iTunes!

Make sure to find them on Facebook or catch them in Cork, Limerick, Dublin, or Galway this December!


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