As you definitely know by now, seeing people travelling to different corners of the world, and just embracing their passions in general, is something I really admire and something I try to encourage everyone here to take on board! :) So I thought I’d get a bit of an insight into how Irish blogger Nuala Gorham has managed to combine her two passions under the better known title of Penny and Polaroids…

Irish Travel Blogger – Penny and Polaroids

You’re a two time award winner now – tell me a bit about the journey from starting out blogging to getting there?

I loved the idea of blogging and I was really interested in doing something creative but my confidence held me back from doing it for so long. I finally bit the bullet and started blogging as a hobby and before I knew it I was being contacted by brands who wanted to collaborate, magazines who wanted to feature me and was being nominated for awards – it was crazy! I’m very grateful I get to do something I love.


It wasn’t just in Ireland, you won an award at the UK Blog Awards as well – what was it like to be recognised outside of home?

It was amazing. I won the first award ‘Best Fashion Blog’ in Ireland within the first year of blogging which I honestly couldn’t believe and then to get nominated in one of the biggest UK awards was just so surreal. I had received recognition from a lot of UK brands but I never realised I had an audience there too, especially at that time because I was so new to the industry. I was awarded ‘Highly Commended Fashion Blog’.

Although your blog is predominantly fashion, you do a lot of travelling with it as well, and there’s the ‘Wanderlust’ section on the site – what gave you the idea for that?

I’ve always loved travelling so it was a natural progression. When I launched my travel section there wasn’t really any other bloggers in Ireland doing it so I saw a niche in the industry. I still don’t have the availability to travel as much as I’d like or to even take every opportunity that comes through the blog so for now I’m starting off with around 4-5 international trips a year and weekends away here in Ireland. I have a lot of international readers so I really like to focus on Ireland also.

What’s your dream kind of trip or where’s somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going?

I have so many plans! I have a dream trip on the cards at the moment that I can’t reveal just yet but be sure to follow my Instagram (@nualagorham) as I’ll be visiting some exciting places in 2016. Santorini and skiing in the French Alps have been on my list for years so I hope to do both very soon starting off with a ski trip in March!

You tend to merge fashion and travel as well, in posts like ‘Barcelona Outfits’, so basically combining two passions – do you ever get sick of it or does it ever get tiring?

To be honest, I don’t at all but my boyfriend does! He’s usually my travel partner so he’ll often be dying to get the work out of the way. I love blogging, even though it’s a lot of work, and I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way because of it. Like you said, I’ve combined my two passions so I feel like it’d be ungrateful to complain. I’ve found a good balance of setting aside time to work and then putting away the phone and enjoying the rest of the day. Travelling with other bloggers is great as they completely understand the importance of getting the right shot but it’s a lot of work when you’re shooting for two platforms essentially.

You’re still a student – is this looking likely to be a full time job for you after that or how are things going on that front?

I’m studying at the moment to complete my Masters as I took a few years out but I was always going back. I have two dreams! I was blogging full-time for nine months before I returned and I was getting much busier by the month so I knew if I didn’t do it now I never would. It doesn’t mean I’m stepping back from blogging anytime soon – that’s not going to be an option. At the moment I’m just studying and it was a very personal aspiration for me. I’m not sure what the future holds but I have big plans for my blog and my life as an influencer – I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!

What are your biggest plans yet for 2016, anything you’re really looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to having two months off in the summer to solely focus on the blog and to travel – it’s going to be a fun one!


You can keep up to date with Nuala’s travel and fashion adventures at the link below, and hopefully her passion to discover new places can spur you on as well! :D

Check Out Penny and Polaroids Here!
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