Award-winning Irish lifestyle blogger Stephanie Buckley, better known to the world as Eat Sleep Chic, has been undertaking some adventures over the last while, and putting them to words to inspire you all to get out and live in the moment. So I thought I’d chat to her about where it all began, and get her opinion on the best ways to travel! :)

Interview with Award-Winning Irish Blogger – Eat Sleep Chic!


You’ve had some pretty big achievements in the blogging world, including winning in the Big Blog Exchange 2014 in Brazil, becoming a Helly Hansen Ambassador, and many others. Can you tell me a bit about the growth and journey to get to this point?

The Big Blog Exchange was my first big campaign and it was one of the most incredible blogging opportunities to date. It’s all down to hard work, putting the time in, finding your online voice, writing what comes naturally to you, and networking.

I see from your blog that you undertake some quite adventurous and interesting trips when it comes to travel – like learning to ski, a vintage car tour in Havana, a Caribbean Cruise – how do you manage to find time and ideas for all of this? Has blogging become a full time job for you now, and how, at first, did you manage to find time to keep enough interesting content coming?

I’ve always been adventurous and eager to try new things. I’ve been travelling since I was 3 months old, when my family moved to Orlando, Florida for four years. My mom’s from NYC and my dad’s a travel bug, so I guess it’s in my blood! With regards to work and finding time, my employer was very understanding and allowed me to take unpaid leave when my holiday days had run out – which was a blessing. Otherwise, I would have missed out on some amazing opportunities. I write about where I go and what I do on a weekly basis, I’m pretty much up for anything so it usually makes for interesting content. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and new places that I want to visit. When I come across interesting destinations, things to do and places to see, I screenshot them or jot them down in my diary for later. My bucket list is endless. As my Dad always says, “You’re here for a good time, not a long time!”


I’ve also seen that you’ve done some articles on spa breaks like the Lusty Beg Island Spa for example. Have you any tips for people looking to just get the most out of a short getaway for a change of scenery or a bit of relaxation? Or even how to make the most out of trips around Ireland.

The first tip is an obvious one; try to book mid-week deals if possible. They usually workout cheaper and generally the hotels aren’t as busy Monday to Thursday. Be time conscious when planning your short getaway. For example, you could book in with a day tour company, who run scheduled bus tours. These tours run like clockwork, have jam-packed itinerary and visit the most popular sites in Ireland. With regards to weekends away, I would suggest a minimum stay of two nights as you may be on the road for a few hours getting to your destination, which eats into your retreat time. Keep an eye out for deals close to your county to cut out travel time.

As a lifestyle blogger, you feature more than just travel – there’s fashion and beauty as well – does it help you to stay interested and focus when you have a variety to keep rotating?

Yeah, diversity makes things interesting not just for me, but for my readers too. I’ve always had and interest in beauty and fashion. I’m a qualified beautician as well as a digital marketing executive. The difficult part is trying to find balance between the different range of topics and the time to get the content published on the blog. If only there were a few more hours in the day!
Seeing as we find cheap holiday deals of all sorts, can you give us an idea what your dream holiday would be and we’ll try find something similar for our readers!?

My dream holiday would most definitely be 2 weeks in Machu Picchu, Peru. I think I’d opt to stay in hostels before taking on the world famous ‘Inca Trail’ and luxury accommodation after completion – I’d be in need of some TLC after that hike!

Any travel plans coming up for ‘Eat Sleep Chic’ in the near future?

I always have travel plans… next up is a week in the Algarve, Portugal for the Easter holidays. I’m super excited about visiting Praia da Marinha, the famous beach is regularly ranked among the best beaches in Europe. I have lot’s coming up with Helly Hansen too, so keep an eye on my snapchat! (@eatsleepchic).


To keep up to date with ‘Eat Sleep Chic’, just click the link below to go to the blog, and you can click the other links to find an example of her dream trip and a super lush hotel in Machu Picchu! – it’s worth at least a look at the photos… trust me! ;)

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