One of the most exciting music events of the year is taking place from tomorrow in the Rebel County of Cork!! :D And I’ve got my eye on some of the freshest homegrown talent making up this year’s line-up…

Indiependence 2016

We’re very lucky to have some of the most impressive musical talent on the scene right now stemming right from our little island… and they actually make up a huge proportion of this year’s Indiependence line-up! So I thought I’d share with you some of the main acts I just cannot wait for :)

Little Hours

This Donegal duo have seriously gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years, and having seen them blow to roof off one of the stages at Indie15 last year… this is one I’m really waiting for! On first listen you might think they’d be pretty weak sounding on a big festival stage… but you just have to witness them first hand to truly appreciate the energy and stage presence! So, if you’re going – watch those stage times like a hawk and get yourself down there.

Walking on Cars

If there’s one thing these Dingle guys do well, it’s a live show!! Just get yourself to the Indiependence main stage this Saturday and await the magic ;) They’re upbeat, powerful, and pretty much just on point all round… a fantastic festival act, rain or sunshine :D And that’s speaking from experience PRE album… so I can only imagine the sheer buzz now that there’s a good 10+ songs the entire crowd are sure to know.

Music concert and crowd iStock_000045504088_Large-min (1)

Hudson Taylor

Seeing how these guys have progressed from busking on poles and bins in the middle of Grafton Street for a bit of lunch money, to selling out venues all across the UK and Ireland… they just keep moving up and up! And equipped with the full band, they pull out all the stops on a festival stage. They’re Indiependence regulars, but that doesn’t stop them surprising us each and everytime… always something new up their sleeves. So make it your business to catch Dublin brothers Harry and Alfie kill it on the Mitchelstown stage this year!

Picture This

This is a bit of a more recent phenomenon. But a very worthy one!! Athy duo, consisting of Jimmy Rainsford and Ryan Hennessy have sort of shot up in the Irish charts only recently, and all of a sudden as well. ‘Take My Hand’ is bound to be a real crowd pleaser at this year’s festival, and I can guarantee you they’ll get the home response they deserve :) After a few gigs impressing UK audiences, this will be an interesting and no doubt super lively one! Can you tell I’m excited!?

Music Festival shutterstock_242749195-min (1)

I would go on all day urging you to see this act and that act… but take those 4 suggestions, and live it up in Cork this weekend! If you agree, or have anyone who tops this list… don’t forget to let me know!!

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