You’ll never guess what I just found… A comfortable one-room-apartment in New York City for just $1!!! This is really awesome, especially when you consider the average cost on a hotel room located in the Big Apple being usually around $250 (that is, around €186) per night. Even in Brooklyn, now one of the trendiest areas in town, you hardly find any low budget places.

One night for one dollar – sounds too good to be true? One thing’s for sure: You will never get to New York for less, unless you book a room with the New York artist Miao Jiaxin. He’s the one who makes this bargain possible by offering his studio in Van Buren Street to those who like to spend a night in a slightly strange environment.

Jiaxin’s guest will be spending the night in a little cell with a freshly made bed and a modern bath in it. In case you might consider this very generous offer, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The cell will be filmed with a camera, 24 hours a day – there will be soon a livestream on youtube available
  • The room is from 9pm to 9am only for you – by day it will be used as the artist’s studio as well
  • You have to spend the time from 9am to 12pm in your cell – three hours
  • During these three hours you’re not allowed to use the internet or any electronic devices, pens or instruments, you are also not allowed to read a book. Besides that you’re also not allowed to sleep, do yoga or any other kinds of distractions.
  • If you want to stay in the cell you need to pay a ‘fine’ that you don’t get back, if you break the rules

So whoever is going to spent a night in this room will become a living piece of art and can spend a very special visit in New York. Despite the three obligatory hours in the cell you can move around freely. You will be given a key to the cell so that you can lock and unlock the door whenever you want. Right next to the studio you can find a rooftop terrace from which you will have a stunning view over the city. As a nice treat, only the cell itself will be recorded on camera while shower and toilet are completely camera-free.

The longer I think about the offer the more I like Miao Jiaxin’s idea. Those of you who don’t have any problems with spending time on their own for three hours a day and being filmed at the same time can easily spend some nights in New York for only $1 the night!
On any other time of the day you will be free to discover Brooklyn and Manhattan. From the apartment it’s only 15 mins via subway into the city that never sleeps. You can visit the Empire State Building and enjoy the amazing view over Central Park, and maybe, when the weather is good, you can even see the Statue of Liberty from there! ;)

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