Do you wish to know the secret of how to travel more often? Well, it’s possible! Follow my 8 simple tips to the letter and you will soon be jetting off!

My fellow lovers of travel, I am pretty sure at some point in time we have always wondered how to travel more often. You probably have often looked at your bank account and thought that a holiday was a million miles away from reality. You may be surprised though, that with a few tweaks and adjustments to your habits, it is in fact possible to travel more often without spending more. Here you can find eight simple rules to help you figure out how to travel more often.

How to travel more often ?

Set something aside | Reduce your costs| Be more flexible | Finding Cheap Accommodation |

Working Holiday Visa | Using the right mode of transport | Choosing the right destination | Christmas and Birthdays

1) Set something aside:

My first advice might seem incredibly obvious, but it is the most important. Even something as simple as putting €5 or €10 every week in an envelope goes a long way towards paying for your next trip. Also if you have any sudden extra sources of income for one reason or another, set it aside as opposed to buying something material in the heat of the moment.

2) Reduce your costs :

If you want to travel more often, it is definitely necessary to learn how to reduce any unnecessary extra costs. Learn to love Netflix as opposed to breaking the bank in a cinema. Have a girly cocktail night where you make your own instead of shelling out your hard earned cash. Learning to cook cheap meals more often than going out to restaurants is also a rewarding experience that will help you save loads. These are just some examples but there are literally endless other money saving tips you can find on the internet that will all add up to hefty savings.

3) Be more flexible

It has to be accepted, if you want to travel more often, it’s better to be flexible. I don’t mean yoga-flexible, I mean travel-flexible. This comes in form of a willingness to travel at off-peak times, midweek trips, travelling where the cheap airfares take you and also the willingness to fly with stopovers. A little bit more of an open minded approach can be a game changer for sure. If you have a specific destination and a specific set of dates in mind, you can potentially be held to ransom by your wishes. I would advise you to constantly check out Skyscanner, which is a great flights comparison website. Here you can find the cheapest flights as well as the cheapest travel dates.

4) Finding Cheap Accommodation

It’s impossible to hide from the fact that, if you’re wanting to travel more often, you simply won’t be able to sleep in luxury hotels every time. Hostels often come with private rooms or even a dorm room provides you with a bed at very cheap rates. Opening your mind to various accommodation options is a very important skill to adapt. You may think it’s not for you but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Websites like Airbnb are becoming more and more of a player in the tourism world. There is a good reason for this too as they provide people with so many awesome, cheap accommodation options. These options can see you mingle with more locals also, which is great for picking up the best travel tips.

Find Cheap Accommodation

5) Working Holiday Visa

I am pretty sure every Irish person is aware of the Working Holiday Visa which can take you to places like Australia, Canada, America and many more awesome destinations. All you have to be willing to do is put a bit of research into the preparations and be willing to work for a wage during your time there. On top of the city you will be calling home during your visa, it will be possible to take short trips to so many other cool countries and cities in the vicinity.

6) Using the right mode of transport

During the process of actual travelling, it is a good idea to still be conscious of your costs and budget.. That’s why I recommend using public transportation and carpools to get around. In most countries, local transport, be it bus, train or metro, will allow you to travel cheaply and save money over longer distances. Sharing a taxi or carpooling is also a great way to reduce your expenses and meet like-minded people.

7) Choosing the right destination

To travel often, do not hesitate to choose cheap destinations. Select a destination where the cost of living is more affordable than our own country, allowing you to travel without breaking the bank. Feel free to think outside the box and visit places that may be less well-known but equally fascinating. By traveling to less touristy destinations , you will be able to make more savings. The prices for food, lodging or attractions and activities will be lower. Instead of visiting the big capitals, try to visit smaller cities or villages that have a lot to offer their visitors. Otherwise, I recommend traveling during the low season where accommodation and flights will be cheaper. Another positive of these approaches is that you will not be absolutely saturated by annoying tourists. ;)

Take a look my travel tips

8) Christmas and birthdays

I will sign off with this last tip: take every opportunity to raise the most money for your next trip. For example, at Christmas if you’re lucky enough to have someone buying you gifts, instead of asking for a nice handbag, clothes or the new iPhone, ask for some money that will be used for your next trip. This money can be used to buy equipment, a flight or help you to enjoy some excursions/activities once there. Ditto for birthdays, take advantage of this opportunity to save money to travel more often.

There you have it my fellow Gurus; 8 simple on how to travel more often. As you can see, you have to be fairly rigorous in always looking for the best deal, because every expense counts for something in the end! But if you follow these recommendations to the letter, I’m sure you’ll be able to organize many trips this coming year. So what’s the next stop for you?….. ;)


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