Explore the city of Amsterdam in style with this purely magical 4* hotel!

Stylish & Sleek Hotel Fletcher Amsterdam

Located on a lake, Hotel Fletcher is a unique accommodation right from the offset! It’s super stylish, from the inside and outside and just gives off a super modern and new world appearance :) And when you actually spend a night there, you just never want to leave…

The hotel features two restaurants, a bar and lounge, a coffee shop, Wifi, a rooftop terrace for even better views than you get in the hotel… and that’s saying something! And 24 hour rooms service so you can really feel special and fully avail of that holiday pampering ;)


The rooms definitely don’t let the whole vibe down either. With round windows, they keep the whole futuristic design in full flow and offer amazing views on the other side… always a plus! :)

There’s flat screen TVs, extra large beds, and a shower that’s pretty much worth the money in itself! A designer glass cylindrical shower… no biggie…!

The whole hotel is actually rounded and in a cylindrical shape, just looking like a pretty impressive skyscraper lit up. So so cool!


The location is just another perk to add to the list. It’s centrally located on the A2 and A9 motorways, making it super easy to get to and only minutes from the heart of the city centre. So while you can enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of your time in the hotel, you can just as easily nip into the city centre and taste a bit of the Amsterdam nightlife as well… so it’s a pretty big win-win! :D

One of my biggest recommendations is to spend hours on end in the panoramic Sky restaurant Pi located on the upper floor. Enjoy scrumptious food and breathtaking views in just an absolutely deadly vibe! I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s one of the best hotel experiences you’ll have!

And for €79 a night, can you really go wrong!?


  • Hotel Fletcher Amsterdam: Stylish & Sleek 4* Accommodation from only €79 Per Night for Two People
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