Are you about to book your holiday? Dreaming of picturesque bays, white sandy beaches and crystal clear oceans? There are many places to visit that all have their very own and unique beautiful character and they are just waiting for you to discover them. Of course it’s not always easy to get the best holiday deal, that’s why I’m here to help you! I thought if you are looking to book something soon, then how about you actually save money while spending it!

First of all there is a great hotel discount. With the voucher code HOTEL16EBK you will be able to save 16% off hotels around the world (excl. the destination named below), that can save you paying a night or two… Simply insert the code during your booking process in the box “promotion code” and you can see the price decreasing.

ebookers Bonus+ Rewards

But that’s not all! ebookers has also started its fantastic Bonus+ Rewards program. Let me quickly explain to you what that means: First of all you need to register for the program here! Then, for each booking you get bonus points, 1-3% depending on the type of booking (3% on hotels, 2% on packaged trips and 1% on flights). Each point gets you one Euro cash reward that you can redeem on your next hotel booking. The great thing is you don’t need to wait until the points are actually accredited but can use the cash reward on your very next booking that you might want to do 5 minutes later!

BonusPlus_logo_transparentBelow you can see how it looks like and how you can see how many bonus points you earned. Underneath the price for this Dublin hotel you simply look for the “plus” symbol and you know how much money you can save on your next booking. It also works in the same way for flights! (Any booking with Qatar Airlines guarantees you even 5 x more bonus points, due to a special partnership).


Another great thing is, you can easily upgrade to the Gold status when you book more than 4 nights in a hotel in one year with ebookers. You will then benefit from great extras like free room upgrades in your hotel. If you book 12 nights the benefits are even better. But see for yourself:


So if you’re booking your hotel, package or flight anyway soon, then use your money wisely and make sure that a bit of it is returning to you by booking with the Bonus+ Rewards program! FYI: Earning the points can also be combined with extra promotions!

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