We’ve all been there – a few weeks before our holiday we start dieting, drag ourselves to the gym and go jogging in the park once or twice a week. Summer’s here again and it’s time for your holiday, and slowly but surely you have to get your beach body back. You’re now going to learn how to keep your beach body in check, despite the buffet and other temptations.

It’s all hard work and sweat, until you’re finally on the plane, heading to Turkey or Majorca – because you want to look fit and have a nice tan, for when your friends and family see the pictures on Facebook or Insta. But what many tend to forget: a huge buffet is waiting for you at the hotel. Those who have booked an all-inclusive holiday can eat and drink almost whenever they like – at any time of the day or night. This will quickly result in a pleasurable overindulgence. So that you don’t pack on a few extra kilos straight away, after all that hard work in the gym at home, I’m going to give you 10 awesome tips, which will help you keep your beach body in check, even if you’re on an all-inclusive holiday. You don’t have to skip the buffet, to ensure that your hard-earned six-pack survives the all-inclusive holiday. Other strategies also allow you to maintain the results of your pre-holiday hard work.

10 tips for maintaining your beach body on holiday

Small plates at the buffet | Starters | Try everything | Eat early in the evening

Healthy snacks | Soft drinks in moderation | Swimming in the pool | Holiday entertainment

Hit the gym | Explore your surroundings

Small plates – great effect

The best and most effective tip is so simple it’s genius: ALWAYS take a small plate to the buffet. It doesn’t make you as full and you have to go up several times, to eat the same amount. If you normally shovel a kilo of chips on a large plate, you’ll only fit half of this on a small plate. You could, of course, now go back up to the buffet six times instead of three times – but you don’t really do that, right?

Begin with the starters

As tempting as the smells of the main courses at the long buffet tables are, you should definitely begin with the starters. There are often various traditional antipasti, as well as many vegetarian dishes and fish here. If you help yourself to these healthy foods first, your initial cravings have already been overcome. The second course of the buffet is much more relaxed. And with a small plate in your hands, you’ll eat far less lavishly. You’ll notice that if you eat slower, you’ll be satisfied much more quickly.

Try it all

Particularly when you’re abroad, there are always many dishes, which at a first glance make you a bit sceptical. But when do we actually eat traditional Tunisian or Mexican dishes? Probably only when we’re on holiday. So don’t be afraid to try all the dishes which you’ve not experienced before. This is perfect for two reasons! Firstly, you’ll learn a lot more about the culinary culture of the country you’re visiting. Secondly, you won’t take a whole plate full (as you won’t know whether you’ll like it). And so the greasy fries and noodles are simply left behind.

The earlier the better

Dinner after a long day by the pool or the sea makes you particularly sluggish. In addition, this evening meal will go straight to the waist. Therefore, with regards to dinner: the earlier, the better. If possible, eat as soon as the evening buffet opens, then you can still take a leisurely stroll along the beach afterwards. You should also forget about a midnight snack, if you want to keep your sexy beach body for the rest of your holiday. You wouldn’t eat food at home just before or after midnight, right? But if you have partied through the night, then it I guess it makes sense – just to prevent the hangover the next morning. ;-)

Healthy snacks

In all-inclusive hotels, snacks are available at any time throughout the day. But it doesn’t always have to be cake. There is often delicious, homegrown fresh fruit on offer to you. Surely a freshly picked mango, a juicy watermelon or a few luscious grapes beat a sticky dessert, no?

Soft drinks in moderation

Give your body a break from sugar. For example, if you get rid of sugary soft drinks during the day, you will save up to 600 calories during the day. This means that you’ve then got room to polish off a delicious steak with homegrown vegetables for lunch.

Swimming in the hotel pool

Often you choose your hotel because of its dreamy poolinfinity pools are currently a real hit. Nothing beats being beside the perfect pool, relaxing on a comfortable lounger. But how often have you found, that you’ve spent your whole holiday lying around, and you’ve not actually been swimming? I know how it goes: if it gets too hot, you take a dip in the water. If it gets too cold, you go back to your lounger. A single back and forth. But doing a few lengths for half an hour every day to get the blood pumping, certainly won’t do you any harm. Swimming is ultimately good for all muscle groups – professional swimmers don’t look so sporty for nothing. It’s best to swim late in the afternoon, just before dinner. At this time the families slowly return to their rooms and you have enough space to do a few sporting lengths. You’re then able to enjoy your dinner without feeling guilty.

Holiday entertainment

Do you get annoyed by holiday entertainment or do enjoy it? All-inclusive holidays are often accompanied by resort entertainment – there are possibilities to do water gymnastics or beach volleyball, for example. A session of this will tire you out and soon get rid of the love handles. It is also a lot more difficult to dive after a ball on the sand. This is perfect for your tan by the way! When you’re sunbathing, you have to keep turning from one side to the other. But when you’re moving about in the sun, you get a healthy looking and even tan. Check!

Hit the gym

Every good all inclusive hotel has a gym that you can use. So why go without a workout, when you have the ideal conditions for one in the hotel? After all, sport is not just about hard work and pain, but it also gives you a feeling of happiness afterwards. Lots of endorphins and the hormone serotonin are released after you exercise, and they are known to make you HAPPY. It doesn’t get any better, after a workout in the sea…

Explore your surroundings

A final and particularly important tip is this: no matter which country you’re in, you should definitely go out and explore your surroundings. For example on the Turkish Riviera, you can take a ‘Turkish Dolmus’, the small taxi bus, to the next city. Or you could hire a cheap rental car and explore Majorca, Cancun or the Dominican Republic on your own. It makes a nice change from spending your whole day lying on the beach or sunbathing by the pool. Your holiday destinations will all have a very unique and interesting culture, which definitely should not be missed. Sometimes it’s nice to just walk past the barrier and the gatekeeper, out of the Hotel area, and go for a wander around the hotel. This is a particularly good idea for an evening stroll after dinner.

If you heed this advice, you will be able to enjoy your beach body for longer, and subsequently enjoy your all-inclusive holiday more. You do not have to go without anything and you can still fully enjoy your well-deserved holiday. Have fun!

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