I’m sure that almost every Lord of the Rings fan has dreamed of seeing the impressive landscapes of Middle Earth with their very own eyes. The fact that the successful film adaptations of J. R. R. Tolkien’s books were filmed in New Zealand has been something fans have known for a long time, which is why thousands of them go on pilgrimages every year to see the shooting locations in the distant land of the Kiwis.

Hobbiton In New Zealand – Visit The Hobbits In The Shire!

Despite the fact that the last film was shot over 12 years ago the stream of visitors hasn’t eased up in the slightest, and with the more recent Hobbit trilogy being filmed there as well huge swarms of fans have been heading out there all over again. For many of them, the first place they want to see is the picturesque Shire, the home of Frodo and Sam among others. With its bright green meadows, colourful flowers and cute little dwellings built into the hillsides, the atmosphere at this place will make you feel cosy – almost as if you were at home! In fact it’s so nice you’ll just want to move into one of the houses yourself and join in the Hobbits’ festivities! That’s exactly what you can do here too, because The Shire is open to visitors from all over the world. Come with me to Hobbiton in New Zealand, the home of the Hobbits!


Not Just For Fans!

Sure, you’re not going to New Zealand just for Hobbiton, but if you’re ever in this distant country you should definitely pay one or two of the picturesque filming locations a visit. You can see for yourself what awaits you in the former farmland in this video:

If you’re thinking “Man, that’s exactly what it looks like in the film!” you’re not wrong – this lovingly crafted set was left exactly how it was after the filming of The Hobbit trilogy, and has since been looked after and nurtured by several gardeners and other workers. You’ll be able to find all the scenes from the Shire here, so you can immerse yourself in a part of Middle Earth.

44 Hobbit houses, a handful of sheep that graze in the meadows and stately trees characterise the village, and you’ll have the feeling the entire time that if you go up to one of the little round doors you’ll see a Hobbit walk out, happily smoking on their pipe. But of course the Shire wouldn’t be the Shire if you couldn’t find an inviting little tavern with awesome dishes – after all, the Hobbits are known for their love of food and lavish celebrations.

Pop into the Green Dragon Bar, drink a real Hobbit ale and sing one of the drinking songs of the party-loving Hobbits in the original settings. Four different kinds of beer and traditional local fare will be the perfect way to finish up your little holiday in Hobbiton.


A special tip for many visitors is the Evening Dinner Tour, which will lead you through the Shire at night time after a large, hearty meal. At this time Hobbiton will be magically lit up and looks even cosier than it does during the day time. Another advantage of this is that the hordes of visitors you’ll have to put up with during the day will mostly have gone home, so you can enjoy the scenery in much smaller groups.


I’d love to be able to just pack my suitcases now and visit this lovingly crafted town of Hobbiton! New Zealand is a fantastic and diverse country anyway that you don’t have to be a Lord of the Rings fan to get your money’s worth here! Trust me when I say it’s one of those countries that you have to see at least once in your lifetime. Have you ever been to Hobbiton before? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about your experiences in Middle Earth!

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