It’s a generation that love to travel. Explore cool things. Experience new places. So let’s stop playing it safe and let’s open our eyes to the most unique, special and mindblowing places on this earth! Believe me, there’s many… you just need to find them! :) Let me get the globe rolling for you…

Hidden Gems of the World!


5. Malé, Maldives
We’re all acquainted with the tourist-renowned Maldives capital, Malé. But, it’s where you go there that’s important. I strongly suggest the 5* Gili Lankanfushi Hotel. Don’t think I expect you to travel all the way to The Maldives and just spend a week in a hotel… this could very well be one of the best travelling experiences of your life, so take heed! :) This very special hotel located in the north of Malé is an overwater bungalow. As a five star, it’s extremely luxurious and as I’m sure you can imagine, it has the most extraordinary views. Look out over the crystal blue waters and sure if you like, just jump in for an ole swim! :) And even better… breakfast is delivered each morning on little boats… how cute! :)


4. Ghent, Belgium
Why is it that when you say “I’m going to Belgium”, you’re presumably on the next Ryanair flight to Brussels or Bruges? The country has so much more to offer, and one of those is actually its best kept secret – Ghent! This city is actually is best place in the entire European continent for culture… if you know about it. You’ll come across plenty of museums and galleries to fix your eyes on, and the Graslei Harbour is just something else. Interestingly, Ghent was actually once medieval Europe’s second largest city. It’s like those ‘one hit wonders’ who are once the biggest big-shots in the charts and then suddenly everyone else gets that all important radio play. The Parises and the Berlins of the world got all the attention, and now we’ve poor Ghent just sitting there, in tonnes of beauty and glory, yet not many care! There’s plenty to do and see in the city, especially along the canal bank where you can have a hell of a time in the cafés and bars :)


3. Meteora, Greece
In the height of our Instagram days, lets talk about somewhere where you can get that perfect snap! The floating monasteries of Meteora are some of the most incredible things that you will ever lay eyes on. Just East of the Pindus Mountains in the outskirts of a small town called Kalambaka, there are sandstone pillars which stretch up to the clouds. And this is where you find the Meteora monasteries! There used to be 24 and now there’s only 6 which are inhabited by monks and nuns. Most of the time, however weather dependent, these monasteries look as if they’re floating, and believe me, you may never see a sight like it again :) Some call it a natural wonder, I call it plain breathtaking. It’s just one of those things you won’t see anywhere else. You won’t get that feeling of awe on a city break to the English, French or Dutch capital. This is what’s really special about the world :)


2. Alta, Norway
The largest town in Finnmark, Alta is a town that just isn’t renowned enough for what it boasts. C’mon guys, we’ve got all this just plane, bus and train journeys away! The reason this town is quite a specialty is its ice hotel. The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is just in a league of its own. With over 20 hotel rooms, igloo suites and an ice bar, it provides a one-off experience and one I just urge you to create the next time you book a holiday. Of course you’ll have blankets and sleeping bags to keep you warm, but if that just doesn’t cut it, take a dip in the outdoor jacuzzi, that’s bound to sort you out! :) Witness the Northern Lights, midnight sun, and even embrace your inner child’s Christmas dreams by spotting the reindeer! There’s so much to do here, including dog sledging, so it’s a destination of a lifetime. Alta, Norway – jot it down!


1. Derinkuyu, Turkey
And so, I’ve saved the best till last! Part of the Cappadocia region in Turkey, I can’t even comprehend the idea and history behind Derinkuyu‘s underground city. It’s just like a fairytale really. So, once upon a time… no, but really… a man knocked down a wall of his home and discovered a room, following which he then discovered a tunnel system with additional rooms and the likes. Long story short, this has obviously since been created into a little underground city. And don’t shrug it off like it’s just some over-sized cave… ’cause not even in the slightest! This place is the deepest of the underground cities and was only discovered in 1963, but has over 100 entrances from behind bushes and walls, and actually contains food stores, churches, wine cellars… the lot! It’s absolutely mindblowing to realise things like this exist just a flight away. We can visit as many capital cities as many times as we like, but I strongly believe that it’s these phenomenons that create wanderlust, and THAT is what makes us see the world! :)


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