My dear Guru followers, I am feeling magical today! If you do too, then how about an enchanting trip to London, the shooting place of the Harry Potter films. Come to think of  it… there is a hotel which has dedicated its design to the story of Harry Potter and furnished two very special rooms in an interesting style. In there you can feel as if you were a part of this charming magical world, because they are held in the design of an actual dormitory in Hogwarts!
You can visit these two magical rooms, the Wizard Chambers, in the Georgian House in London. They have been furnished with love and care so you might even get as excited as a first year in that famous Boarding school. It looks like a dorm from the film, only that you don’t have to share your room with the other kids, that is. Oh and Muggles are as welcome as wizards.

Dream of Hogwarts in The Wizard Chambers

“Our love of Harry Potter has inspired us to create our beautiful Wizard Chambers that feature faux castle details such as stained glass windows, stonewalls, gothic arches, trunks, portraits and beds hung with red and yellow velvet curtains,” the owners of the hotel explain on their website. In addition to that, there are wood burning stoves, cauldrons in fireplaces and tapestries. “Our chambers will transport you to the world of the wizardly unexpected,” the website promises. And so it is: Looking at those pictures you can already feel a bit like you were right in the middle in one of J. K. Rowling novels, the famous author of the institution “Harry Potter”.
Originally, both chambers at the Georgian House were planned as rooms for children. But when you consider how many people have grown up with the books, which ended about seven years ago, and how many (myself included) are still fans of the young team of wizards, you can be sure that these chambers will attract many more age groups than just children. The hotel was awarded with 4 stars and the Victorian house, which was built in 1851, is still led by the same family who once founded it. Ok, if you’re not such a huge fan of HP, then you can also book the hotel’s “normal” rooms.

Georgian House: A perfect end of a day full of Harry Potter tours through London

A stay in the Wizard chambers might be just the perfect addition to round up your Harry Potter themed visit to London. The city is, after all, the place where all the magic happens! Scenes which were shot right in the middle of the capital of England, the “gate” to Platform 9 ¾ at the King’s Cross station from which all pupils get on the train to Hogwarts, or a tour through the studios of the film– in London you can get a glimpse of the magical world of your favourite wizard to make your trip to London unforgettable!
You can book your stay at the Georgian House in combination with a tour through the Warner Bros. Studios Harry Potter London. These are located in Leavesden, 32 kilometres outside of London, and offer you a unique look behind the original settings of your favourite films.
The Warner Bros. Studios London is the place where all of the eight parts of the Harry Potter fims were created, before they hit the cinemas and later your televisions. Film studios, costumes or requisites, here you can see the originals from the movies and get totally enchanted! Visit the great hall, the one place in the school where all the pupils get together for meals, general meetings, and the Sorting for the Houses. Unfortunately, the roof is not really enchanted, but the rest is the original like you know it from the films. You can visit Dumbledore’s office and discover all the treasures in it, as well as the common room and the boys’ dormitory, more or less Harry’s “real” home. Take a look at the couch in front of the fireplace where the three friends used to laugh together, quarrel and of course puzzle over a new mystery for so many times.Visiting the studios is a must for every passionate Harry Potter fan. Tickets are available for £31 for adults and £23,50 for children at the age of 5 to 15 years.

london bridge

Which Harry Potter tour is the best for you? Why not all of them?

Apart from the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Tour the city has more to offer to explore the traces of the world’s most famous wizard. If you feel like getting rid of some energy, join the Harry Potter Walking Tour. Go by Platform 9¾, squeeze through creepy Diagon Alley and visit the hideout where Sirius Black and Harry were reunited in the “Order of the Phoenix”. Of course visiting the Leaky Cauldron will also be on your list. For the lazy ones, a Bus Tour will do too ;) Stop by places that you’ve seen in the films and have, for example, a look which exterior was used of the Gringotts Bank…OMG! ;)

Also very fascinating is the “Harry Potter Tour” through London which you can enjoy in one of London’s famous black cabs! It will lead you through the city in the most comfortable way and get you to the places where many of the scenes were shot. For example, you will see the real Grimmauld Place where the family Black has their home in the books. Or follow Harry’s flight with the broom over the Thames and learn a lot more about your favourite magical world. Your personal guide will tell you anything you want to know.
A Harry Potter tour through London is a must for anyone who fell in love with the stories about the magical world of J. K. Rowling. I am definitely up for it! Becoming part of this world is probably one of the things everyone of us has wished for at least once in their life. So don’t you wait too long for your ultimate Harry Potter dream to come true! Accio plane tickets! ;)


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