In my next Guru on Tour article, you can read the exclusive content of my interview with Emily Luxton! Emily is a full-time travel blogger and freelance writer, who’s been named Travel Blogger of the Year 4 times since she started her travel blog 5 years ago…

Emily Luxton Travels

A warm welcome to the third round of Guru on Tour with Emily Luxton! About 5 years ago, Emily quit her job in favour of documenting her travels around the world. Her travel philosophy revolves around deeper, more intelligent travel, with which she aims to really “get below the surface” of a country. Rather than just ticking the top attractions off a list, Emily prefers to immerse herself in the culture of her destination, whether it be by sampling food from a street vendor or getting to know the locals.


Before Emily decided to pursue a career in travel blogging, her dream destination to visit was South America so perhaps unsurprisingly, that’s the first place she went on her world tour. Her school Spanish classes came in handy when travelling there, often helping her to make friends. If you’re travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language, Emily recommends learning the words for “hello”, “thank you” and particular “delicious”. She reckons that calling the food you’ve just been served “delicious” is a surefire way to make people happy and bond with the locals!

Speaking of tasty treats, Emily’s a self-confessed foodie, so I wanted to know where in the world you can get the most delicious dinner! For Emily, it’s Japan’s ramen and takoyaki balls (battered squid) that have won over her heart… or should I say her stomach! Vietnamese coffee and French macarons also come highly recommended though!

Photo: Emily Luxton

Travelling is not all fine dining for Emily though! Throughout 2016, she decided to complete a terrifying challenge each month! These challenges included learning to ride a moped, abseiling and lots more – check out the video below to see one of her scariest challenges caught on camera! Emily’s also had plenty of travel disasters during her time on the road, which you can also listen to in the full interview.

We hope you enjoyed Emily’s video as much as we did!

If you’d like to hear more about her adventures or check out her amazing travel pics, you can do so on her Facebook and Instagram pages or on her blog Emily Luxton Travels!


Thank you so much for your time Emily and all the best for the future!


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