A first in a new series of articles, I’ll be getting to know some influential names on Irish social media to find out more about their experiences of travel and what it means to them. Artists, bands, world travellers… You name it! First up on the list – a rising star in the Irish music scene that’s not to be missed!

In the middle of their sell-out European tour, I grabbed a few minutes with Walking on Cars, a 5-piece Irish alternative rock band composed of Dan (guitar), Sorcha (piano), Patrick (vocals), Paul (bass) and Evan (percussion). The Dingle-based school friends began gigging together in 2010 in their hometown bars and clubs, before they finally decided to rent a small cottage on the Dingle Peninsula. The band stayed here for 6 months almost shut off from the outside world – the perfect environment to perfect their ideas and songwriting.

After making a grand entrance onto the music scene following their win at the 2012 Redbull Bedroom Jam, they released a series of successful chart-topping singles before finally launching their debut studio album, Everything This Way, in January 2016. Since then they’ve gone global, having wrapped up a successful UK tour at the end of 2016 and starting an international tour across the USA and Europe in 2017.

Luckily I was able to catch up with the 5 friends before their gig at the FZW in Dortmund, Germany, to speak about their experience on the road and destinations that inspire them. Read on to see what they had to say!

Walking on Cars – their life on the road

Many people are quick to think that going on tour is glamorous, but in actual fact it can be pretty gruelling sometimes! But the opportunity to see so many destinations at once – there’s no denying how cool that is. And while not all countries are to everyone’s tastes, there are always a few destinations that stick with you no matter where you go.

For lead singer Patrick, it’s Germany he has a soft spot for. The hospitality at German venues and the warm welcome and generosity shown by German fans are more than reason enough to love a country. Paul, the bassist, agrees – but for slightly different reasons. The smooth roads mean that it’s easy for him to take a nap when he needs it. When you’re travelling as much as these guys are, that’s a pretty good answer!

What about the concerts themselves? I’m sure you know that feeling when you’ve been to a concert and you just know that everything is just perfect – and the same happens for bands too. Again Germany has come out on top for their current European tour. Dan, the lead guitarist, says that playing at the Hamburg Docks the day after Biffy Clyro did was his most memorable moment so far… I’d be saying the same thing myself if I was in that situation!

And of course the eternal question: bucket list destinations. This could take you anywhere in the world – the deepest jungles of the Amazon, the savannahs of South Africa or the white beaches of Thailand. I tell you what, I was not disappointed with their answers! Pianist Sorcha instantly knew her answer, explaining to me that she wants to visit Japan in the springtime, the perfect time to see the breathtaking sakora cherry blossoms in full bloom. But that’s not the only thing that’s drawing her to the Far East – for her the chance to experience some proper ramen and sushi would be too good to pass up. I’m in agreement on that one…

Dan is clearly under California’s spell – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t be? The state is home to artsy, forward-thinking cities and fantastic weather to boot. In fact when they were in San Francisco, a man asked for a dollar but “Pat dropped a beat” which the man began to rap along to and consequently racked up an impressive $50! These sorts of things don’t happen every day. Evan is a man of few words, having said that he’d like to go to Las Vegas. Again, amazing choices all round!

When asked how it felt to be so successful, Patrick likened their touring schedule to the experience of being on a different planet. Unfortunately we don’t have any deals to outer space yet, but check out our blog, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Facebook page and you’ll be the first to know when we do!

Many many thanks to Walking on Cars for their time – it was fantastic to meet you!  :) And if you guys want to watch the whole interview take a look:


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