One of the most iconic parks in the world, Central Park, is where you need to be if you’re visiting the city. Lie amongst the luscious green and relax! You can find almost anything in this park from joggers to people doing yoga you definitely won’t be bored if you visit!

Usually, during the summer months, we’re drawn to the south, to warm beach destinations with guaranteed great weather and sunshine. Admittedly, during the warmest time of year I choose beach destinations time and time again because there’s nothing better than a dip in the sea to cool off! But in all honesty: a 40°C beach destination is not your only option! What would you say to a cool cosmopolitan break to one of the hottest cities on the planet? Of course, I’m talking about New York – a place that could barely be more exciting and diverse.

For many locals and tourists alike, summer in New York means summer in Central Park, as it’s one of the liveliest places to hang out when the weather gets warm. Unsurprising, since it provides a place not only to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and regain some energy, but also hosts numerous cool, and often free, events. Read on and find out why spending summer in Central Park could be the highlight of your trip to New York.

Summer in Central Park

Peace and Quiet in Central Park | Sport in Central Park

SummerStage Festival | Family Fun in Central Park central park

New York’s “Green Lung” invites you to stay for a while

Originally designed as a landscape park, Central Park in the centre of Manhattan now has significant historical importance. History and culture, sightseeing and sport, partying and relaxation – hardly anywhere offers such a diverse range of activities in one location as this one-of-a-kind park. Tucked away among the many skyscrapers, the 340 acre Central Park is one of the largest, and oldest, parks in New York. The nickname “New York’s Green Lung” was coined thanks to its numerous small lakes, ponds, large meadows and hundreds of trees. In stark contrast to the imposing buildings, which are as common to New York as sand is to see, the park is simple, idyllic and furthermore, a place that attracts 25 Million visitors per year. Whether you want to have a quick nap on the grass, a cosy picnic or a stroll through the Shakespeare Garden to escape the hectic rush of the city, everyone seeking relaxation will leave here feeling rejuvenated. central park

A paradise for every sports fan

Whether you want to jog, cycle or take a yoga class – the long walkways, cycle paths, sports grounds and huge green spaces in Central Park are perfect not only for relaxing but also for sports, especially in good weather. Fans of running sports can run laps around the park, tennis, football or basketball players can have their fun on the dedicated sports courts, and cyclists can go on a leisurely summer ride through Central Park. I can barely think of a sporting activity that you couldn’t do there! So pack yourself a sports kit, enough water and a little snack for your breaks, and enjoy the summer in Central Park.central park

SummerStage – a cool event

Central Park is known not only as the filming location for over 250 films but is also as a popular meeting place during the summer. Alongside the countless areas where you can relax or take part in sports, there is one standout event: the annual “Central Park Summerstage Festival”. It’s a festival attended by locals, as well as tourists from all over the world. There’s something on to suit every taste in music: from rock to electro to typically American hip hop and pop music. As well as the many live performances by different bands, there’s also diverse entertainment shows, such as circus performances, dance shows and children’s entertainment – there’s fun to be had no matter what age you are!

The organisers of this event ensure: come rain or shine the festival will take place – as long as there is no threat of danger to the attendees. So if you happen to be around when this festival is taking place, then don’t hesitate to head for Central Park and have a boogie to the part-rocky, part-funk sounds of the different bands. Please be aware that alcoholic drinks and glass bottles are strictly forbidden at Summerstage. Besides that, enjoy one of the best summers of your life in one of the most spectacular cities in the world!

Entertainment for the whole family

The famous Central Park Zoo is particularly popular with families because there’s also a dedicated children’s zoo there. Alongside the lions, monkeys, penguins, seals and polar bears, there are goats, sheep and cows, that the kids are allowed to stroke. Despite its small size, this zoo is home to a surprising amount of different species, including many wild animals – and in the middle of New York city! Who would have thought? In the summer months, Central Park Zoo is open on weekdays from 10 am – 5 pm, and until 5:30 pm on the weekends.

After a successful visit to the zoo, if you want to enjoy some more of the park’s idyllic scenery, then how about a little boat trip? Opposite the famous Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, on the east side of the 74th and 75th street, you’ll find the beautiful Loeb Boathouse, where you can rent not only bicycles but also rowing boats and small romantic gondolas. When you need a snack, there are always options available during the summer months (more precisely from April – November). If you want yet more to do, a 6-minute walk will bring you to Belvedere Castle, a small fort from the 19th century built on one of the park’s many artificial rocks, located right in the heart of Central Park on 79th street.

Photo: Silva

So, fancy spending summer in Central Park? I hope you’ve got itchy feet, and have realised that this unique metropolis is 100% worth a visit. And of course, New York has much more wonderful treasures to discover, which are worth visiting not only in summer but the entire year round. If you’ve already visited Central Park during summer, I’d love to hear about your experiences! If you’re planning a trip to New York, you can check out our New York deals here and even save on ticket prices too! Have fun!

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