We all know that our government’s politicians have been known to make some strange decisions, but this one has to be the most questionable yet. After a lengthy meeting in the Seanad last night between Senators and meteorological experts from Met Éireann, a bill has been passed which will see thousands of free holiday vouchers distributed to youths between the ages of 16-24, to the value of €200pp.

Apparently, this is because of a projected spell of unprecedented sunny weather and high temperatures for the month of June. According to Senator Paul Higgins; the thought process behind this idea was to encourage people from this age bracket to leave Ireland in order to curb the amount of public drinking of alcohol when such sunny weather occurs.

Government to Distribute Holiday Vouchers

“Various different incidents of unsavoury, drunken behaviour amongst youths have been a blight on Irish summers for the past few years and the government felt it necessary to act sooner rather than later” is what Senator Higgins had to say.

It is an extremely strange, if not creative tactic from the government, but if you find yourself in this age bracket then be sure to make the most of it. The vouchers are to be redeemable with all major airlines and travel companies for the month of June only. They can be claimed from your local County Council offices on Friday 10/04/2015 from 8:30am, depending on if you have a valid proof of identity with a date of birth listed (i,e. Passport, Driving License).

So if you are lucky enough to be in this age bracket, be sure to have a fantastic summer on behalf of our wonderfully weird government.


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