Fancy camping in comfort? Glamping is fast becoming a new favourite choice among Irish holiday makers

Camping has long been a holiday favourite for Irish families. With spectacular forest and coastline camp-sites to choose from, there is unending variety. So it is no wonder that year after year people flock to the four corners of Ireland to pitch their tent or park their camper for a few days of blissful freedom. It has also become commonplace for people to purchase mobile homes in their favourite areas to allow that bit of extra comfort where you can return to again and again. But what about those of you who don’t want to keep returning to the same place? Who enjoy the freedom of exploring new horizons, discovering hidden beaches or a magical wood, telling stories by the fire side? But you just don’t think the idea of roughing it is a holiday! The simple answer is glamping. Loads of glamping pods have popped up all across our fair isle in the past while, providing a unique opportunity to become one with nature without having to give up your home comforts. So, what is “glam camping” all about…..

What is glamping

It really is exactly what it says on the tin. Glamorous camping has all the same outdoor attractions as regular camping with the added benefit of a big cosy bed, a proper duvet and in some cases a burning stove. Glampers will stay in a yurt or a cabin rather than in a tent and bask in the delights of simple things like a kettle, a light and comfortable standing room which traditional tents do not have. Known also as “fancy camping“, “boutique camping” and “luxury camping“, it has been suggested that glamping holidays are just for softies but I beg to differ as it is still a far cry from  the luxury of a hotel room.

There is a whole variety of glamping break in Ireland that you can book, there is retro glamping in Kerry, weekend family glamping, or glamping in a wooden hut in mayo! Something for couples’, families or groups. You can design it.

The origins of glamping

Glamping has been around for a lot longer than you think. It originates as far back as 200AD, with the initial purpose of these luxury tents being a transportable palace for the Sultan. They re-appeared in the early 1900’s to meet the demands of wealthy American and European travellers who were looking to stay in luxury while on safari adventures in the wild. Today, it has become a way of basking in the glories of nature in a way that a hotel stay could not offer.


Glamping has everything that regular camping has, it is just that bit more comfortable. A lot of places also have an on-site spa.

The low down on Glamping in Ireland

So now that you have made up your mind that you want try out glamping, next is to discover where in Ireland you can go glamping. 

Places to go glamping in Ireland

There is a wide range of places offering glamping holidays on their sites as well as dedicated glamping booking sites throughout Ireland. I have compiled a list of some of these places:

More and more types of quirky accommodation tends to call itself glamping, so you have to make a cut somewhere :D Really, I could go on as there are numerous others but as the above are spread all across Ireland, there are plenty to choose from.

Prices of glamping in Ireland

Of course the words “Glam” and “Luxury” don’t come without a price tag and many places are cashing in on this new craze however competitive rates can be found and when you consider what is included, glamping isn’t that expensive.

Prices can range anywhere from a 2 night stay at €140 to €700 for one week but rates vary greatly depending on the type of glamping you want; yurt, vintage caravan, tree house, bell pod, wigwam, wagon or cabin. Some camp-sites even offer cottages at a higher cost. During the off-season you could grab a bargain night away for €70 for your glam pod.


Event Glamping

Due to the unique beauty of glamping, it has become a popular option for large parties such as hens and even weddings.

Hen and Stag Party Glamping

Some of the bigger dedicated Glamping villages offer special packages for hen and stag parties, encompassing a BBQ, DJ and activity of your choice (spa, surfing, etc.). It is the perfect bonding weekend before the big day as it really allows for the group to open up in a magical environment away from their female or male counterparts. It is a chance to do something a little bit out of the norm.

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Wedding Glamping

Wedding Glamping isn’t something which has really kicked off yet but I expect that it will in the coming years. It “derived” from the idea of romantic glamping breaks in Ireland. So why not invite the whole lot to share this experience out in the nature and take “vintage” to the next level… These rustic style weddings are a completely different way of celebrating matrimony and allow the newly-weds to express themselves as individuals, tailoring their day to suit their own personalities. These type of weddings are more flexible as the open space provides a lot more opportunity for experimentation than a hotel would cater for. It may be on the pricey side as you would have to hire out the entire camp-site for the occasion, however no expense in spared on your big day, right?

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So Go Glamping on your next trip

For your next break away take a road trip around Ireland, stay in comfort and luxury by combining a number of glamping sites to ensure you get the best of what the country has to offer. While glamping may be a lot more costly than regular camping, it has the added advantage of not being forced to shiver in a sleeping bag. Also, you can go at any time of year. So rather than lugging around all that non-essential camping gear, just hop in your car and travel in style; go glamping in Ireland! Don’t forget the marshmallows! Catch you at the camp-fire!


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