Recently, a new form of holiday-making has come into being that is becoming increasingly more fashionable. It’s Glamping, aka Glamorous Camping! Have you heard of it? Do you have any friends or relatives who have tried it, or even better, have you tried it out yourself? For those who have no idea what it is or what it consists of, it’s basically an expanding global phenomenon that combines the experience of open-air camping in a rural area with the luxury and convenience offered by the best hotels. So the name is basically a fusion of the words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’.

The Advantages of Glamour and Camping Merged into an AirBnB

This new form of holiday-making has already become increasingly more fashionable because all the advantages of each type of holiday are merged into one. While Glamping, you’re able to enjoy the tranquility, the fresh air, nature and, above all, freedom! This allows you to combine the best of both worlds: camping in a rural area without being shut up in a hotel, but not at the expense of the convenience and service of the most luxurious hotels.

I would encourage you to try it out as it is a great experience! That’s why I’ve shown you an accommodation option based on this new form of holiday-making. You can find it on Airbnb, and it’s a vintage caravan with max comfort, located in Ibiza!


It is a 1954 vintage-style caravan ideal for having an adventure with that special someone. Imagine yourself waking up at sunrise to incredible views of the beach and the crystal waters of Ibiza, all from your bed! I don’t think there’s a better way to start the day… especially if you’re waking up alongside someone who you get on really well with!


You’ve already woken up. Now it’s your turn to make breakfast. Another advantage of this accommodation option is that you only need to take two steps to be able to eat breakfast around a table on the beach, surrounded by tranquility and nothing more. Such peace and quiet! Breakfast never tasted better…


After breakfast you can soak up the rays of the morning sun lying on your deckchair. Like I’ve already said: You’ll have the convenience of a luxury hotel, but without the tourists around you. It’s pretty much like your own private paradise.


But the best thing about this accommodation is that it is a caravan of course, so you’ll be able to drive around, discovering all the wonders of the island of Ibiza without sacrificing the hotel-like comforts.


You’ll be able to spend each evening in a different secluded bay, and to admire the sunset and sunrise from different locations. Ibiza has a lot on offer, and thanks to this accommodation on wheels you won’t lose out on any of it! There are many fantastic routes that you can take and whose incredible views and beautiful locations you can both discover and enjoy! For example, trying out the entire Western route. I recommend that you stop at San Rafael, a great place to buy authentic pottery from the island. From there you can make your way to Santa Gertrudis and go to the Plaza Mayor. You can also visit San Miguel. I encourage you to climb up to the highest point, where you’ll find a stunning whitewashed church. If you continue on your route, you’ll enjoy a panorama of spectacular cliffs.


This is just one example of all the marvels that you’ll come across if you take this route, but there are many more options. You already know that with Glamping you’re completely free, so choose the route which suits you the best, and discover fantastic new places!

If you’re willing to try out this amazing accommodation option, all you need to do is book here. If you need flights to Ibiza, find various options here

And remember, if you have gone Glamping before, or if you go after reading this post, then you can write about your experience in the comments section! Have a great trip!

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