After the proud fight the Boys in Green put up in the qualifiers, don’t miss out on the Euro 2016 games in France this Summer. As your Guru, I said I’d give you a bit of a hand to find yourself a bed for the night, regardless of which or how many of the games you’ll be jetting off to :)


Accommodation for Euro 2016

Ireland v Sweden – Stade de France // 13.06.2016

If it’s Ireland’s opening game against Sweden that catches your eye, you’ll be heading to Stade de France, Saint-Denis. Located in Paris, you’ll probably want to make the most of the trip itself and stay a few nights, head to the game and join the truck loads of green in the French capital! For hotels in the nearby area, just click the link below and see the cheapest prices.

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Belgium v Ireland – Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux // 18.06.2016

Located a bit further out, in the southwest region of France, the second Irish game will take place in the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux where the boys will take on Belgium. Renowned as the wine growing region, if you wanted to make the most out of this trip you could stay for a while and taste some of the delicious wines and pay a visit to the vineyards… serious French vibes going on there! For hotels in this area, just click the link below and get the cheapest price. You can adjust the dates to suit how long you want to stay as well :)

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Italy v Ireland – Stade Lille Metropole // 22.06.2016

And finally, the last game against Italy will take place in the northern area of Villeneuve d’Ascq. Hosted by the Stade Lille Metropole, you might want to bring a bit of extra green to separate those flags ;) That specific area of France is renowned as a student city so it’s bound to have a great buzz and nightlife if you wanted to make a decent trip out of this one. So for hotels in the area, just click the link below.

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