A name we’re all very familiar with across the country… Gavin James is set to play a today announced show at the 3 Arena, but has a jam packed Summer ahead as well, where he’ll be playing a slot at Gloucester’s Barn on the Farm festival, to name just one endeavour! I had a chat with the man himself to see if he’s looking forward to the Gloucester experience, if he’s any advice on travelling long distance given his hectic touring experience, and what his dream holiday would be…

Gavin James on Touring, Travelling and Taytos!


So, you’re set for Barn on the Farm, which I featured as a prime reason to visit Gloucester this Summer – are you looking forward to that, and what do you think you can expect from it?

Gavin James: I’ve always wanted to play at it. Everyone that I know who has been there says it’s amazing. Also never played in a barn. So I can’t feckin’ wait!


Tell me a little bit about what you’ve noticed playing to an overseas crowd as opposed to a home crowd, now that you’ve spent quite a while touring. Or even the feeling going to a festival stage from an intimate Dublin venue?

Gavin James: The crowds change a little bit everywhere. Which is a good thing :) Around Europe from what I’ve done it’s mostly a listening crowd of music lovers ! Ireland is the same but rowdy in an epic way. And I love that ! America there’s lots of “woooooooohs” which is fun ! I love intimate gigs just as much as the bigger festival ones because you get to chat a little more with the crowd and have a bit more banter.

You’ve been on the road quite a bit, across the US, UK and Europe – top tips for touring or travelling long distance for long periods of time!?

Gavin James: Nap a lot . Learn how to sleep on planes . Mostly just sleep a lot and you’ll be grand :) and pick the right nights to party..

I’m always trying to inspire people to travel to interesting places – where would you say has been a highlight in terms of cities you’ve played to date?

Gavin James: I had an amazing time playing in Austin . The crowd was amazing and spent most of my time on 6th street, which is just a bunch of bars with live music going on everywhere . Loved it and would totally recommend for visiting.


Three things you miss most about Ireland when you’re away?
Gavin James: Me ma, me da, and Tayto!

And finally, can you give us an idea of what your dream holiday would be!?

Gavin James: I’d love to go to Columbia . I’ve heard the people there are amazing and the food is ridiculously good!


See Gavin James at Barn on the Farm Festival, 1st – 3rd July in Gloucestershire. For more information please visit http://www.barnonthefarm.co.uk

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