Let’s face it, we’ve all dreamed of going to the Seychelles at some point. And who can blame you? After all, these gorgeous islands are just made for luxurious getaways spent soaking up the sun on dreamy beaches, kicking back with a cocktail or swimming in the warm, turquoise waters. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, if the colder weather is giving you a serious case of the autumn blues and you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your next holiday, I’ve found a gorgeous resort that’s guaranteed to knock your socks off. Don’t believe me? Then keep reading – you won’t regret it!

Four Seasons – it’s a brand that’s ubiquitous with unmatched luxury and unparalleled service, and their hotels are found all over the world in the most beautiful and breathtaking locations. Four Seasons Seychelles offer everything you’d expect from a first class hotel – comfort, seclusion, amazing views and high-end cuisine – but there’s something about this resorts that’s a little special!

Four Seasons Seychelles – tree-top luxury in paradise!

Located on the island of Mahé, the Four Seasons Seychelles resort is tucked away amongst the treetops overlooking the picturesque Petite Anse, said to be one of the best beaches on the entire island. The villas are built on stilts and come with a plunge pool as standard, and the different types of villas available means that you can chose if you want direct access to the beach or a little more privacy. What’s more, this 5 star resort has been awarded the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award two years in a row and it’s considered one of the top hotels in the Seychelles! You’ll see why when you take a look at these pictures…

4S Seychelles 17
Four Seasons Seychelles: The way the resort is built into the hillside makes it suit the surrounding nature flawlessly.

4S Seychelles 5
Four Seasons Seychelles: There are some impressive views to be had with Petite Anse down below and huge mountains in the distance.

4S Seychelles 11
Four Seasons Seychelles: There’s the option to have private dining here, so you can eat in the privacy and comfort of your own villa whenever you like!

4S Seychelles 14
Four Seasons Seychelles: Down by the main building there’s a massive pool – a staggering 517 square metres! There’s even a fitness centre and a small library.

4S Seychelles 6
Four Seasons Seychelles: A close-up of the villas. You can see how they’re all built on top of stilts so you’re right up in the treetops!

4S Seychelles 1
Four Seasons Seychelles: Up at the top of the hill you’ll find larger villas that offer breathtaking views of the area, perfect if you’re looking for a holiday all to yourself.

 4S Seychelles 18
Four Seasons Seychelles: The interiors are stunning, combines aspects of Seychellois and French colonial styles…

4S Seychelles 20
Four Seasons Seychelles: …and the villas themselves are well equipped, with soaking tubs, rain showers – and even a shower outside!

4S Seychelles 19
Four Seasons Seychelles: The resort has plenty of activities on offer, including spa treatments, a guided excursion with a local artist, and yoga up on the hill top! There are 3 complimentary yoga classes every day.

4S Seychelles 16
Four Seasons Seychelles: The bars make for a very classy setting to spend the evening. Here at the ZEZ Lounge you can even get freshly made sushi and sashimi.

4S Seychelles 22
Four Seasons Seychelles: There’s also a restaurant down by the beach! Kannel serves a mixture of Creole and Western food in an informal setting

4S Seychelles 24
Four Seasons Seychelles: Somehow the resort looks even prettier during the night

4S Seychelles 15
Four Seasons Seychelles: The secluded nature of the resort means it’s the perfect place for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway…

4S Seychelles 25
Four Seasons Seychelles: …and they cater for weddings that are guaranteed to be out of this world!

Booking with Four Seasons Seychelles

Impressive, isn’t it? I’m sure some of you may be wanting to book a room here already. Such luxury is bound to come with a price tag to match, but in actual fact with a bit of clever booking you’ll be able to jet off to the Seychelles sooner than you think. There are plenty of offers available if you decide to book directly with Four Seasons – they offer stays with complimentary nights, bed and breakfast packages, early bird bookings…the list goes on! Trivago is also a very good place to look if you want to make some good savings as they compare lots of different prices across the internet. Have a look for yourself!

Pictures can never do this place enough justice, which is something you’ll quickly realise when you watch this gorgeous video!

Getting to Four Seasons Seychelles

Unfortunately there are no direct flights to Mahé from Dublin, but from Dublin Airport you can find flights with one stopover using Skyscanner.ie, that are reasonably priced in comparison to the rest of the ‘dream-destinations’. Once you’re in the Seychelles it’s just a 19 minute drive from the airport to the resort. You can get a taxi yourself or – if you don’t mind splashing a bit more cash – the hotel can arrange a BMW transfer service and a member of staff from the hotel will already be at the airport ready to greet you, so you can enjoy the Four Seasons experience before even stepping foot in your villa!

It’s just amazing isn’t it? The perfect blend of nature, luxury, privacy and stunning views. Four Seasons Seychelles is an experience all in itself and if you’re ever thinking of going to the Seychelles, this is definitely the place to be! Have you stayed here yourself? Tell me all about it and your experiences could even make it onto the blog!

4S Seychelles 9

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