Floating Villas – Learn More About These Luxury Houses with Underwater Rooms!

Everything in Dubai is bigger, faster, shinier and more exclusive than anywhere else in the world. It’s no surprise then that there’ll soon be luxury villas in Dubai that even have underwater rooms!

It should happen at the end of 2016 – after 5,000 hours of research and 13,000 hours of design and development by over 200 scientists from all over the world, the underwater villas in Dubai can finally welcome their first residents.

Photo: Kleindienst

If you happen to have 2.8 million US dollars lying around and don’t really know what to do with it, then how about one of these neat villas?

After a long process of planning and development the Austrian company Kleindienst has created a house that will probably be one of a kind for quite some time. Residents of the ‘Floating Seahorses‘ can relax and indulge in pure luxury across a total of 3 storeys. The real highlight of the villa is something you’ll probably miss at first sight: bedrooms and bathrooms are namely located beneath the water’s surface and offer a heavenly view of the surrounding coral reefs!

Photo: Kleindienst

The entire villa is equipped with ceiling-to-floor windows, so that you’ll always be able to enjoy the best views – no matter where you’re standing. On the terrace you can relax in the sun and simply hop in the sea should you need to cool off.

You’ll also find a place to moor your boat here – in case you can’t take all this luxury any more and want to take a small trip to the mainland.

Photo: Kleindienst

The ‘Floating Seahorses’ aren’t just extravagant accommodation, but are also meant to do their bit to help conserve nature. Beneath the villas, or beneath the last floor of the house to be more precise, artificial coral reefs will be set up which will give endangered seahorses a place to retreat to and breed in peace.

The floating villas will be located in Dubai at the artificially created archipelago called The Heart of Europe. Across six islands the European way of life has been recreated in the Persian Gulf and enables tourists to experience a fantastic holiday. On some islands it’s even meant to snow!

I’m telling you now – everything in Dubai is just that little more extravagant. Would you also like to have your own villa like this or could you not live without curtains underwater in these floating villas?

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