Any keen travellers who love to keep up-to-date with the coolest travel trends may have heard about ‘bubble hotels’ before – there’s a very famous one on France, and there’s even one in Iceland that lets you sleep beneath the Northern Lights. But what if I told you that there’s one right on your doorstep?

We never have to travel far for amazing experiences! Whether it’s stunning coastal drives, lush nature or the huge variety of landscapes, I think it’s pretty fair to say that there’s no place like home! And to sweeten the deal even more, I’ve recently come across an incredibly cool glamping experience that’ll knock you socks right off. To sleep beneath the stars surrounded by woodlands and lakes – that sounds like the true definition of a proper escape. Join me on a little adventure to Fermanagh as I take a closer look at the seriously cool bubble lodges at the Finn Lough Resort!

The Finn Lough Bubble Domes – Glamping at its best!

What are bubble domes? | Finn Lough Resort | How to book | Glamping Inspiration

Photo: Sarah Fyffe, Finn Lough Resort

What are bubble domes?

They’re pretty much exactly that – a cosy little bubble to call home! The spherical, transparent structure of the main living space means that you get a view of the nature all around you, allowing you to totally immerse yourselves in the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. You wouldn’t even have to set an alarm in the morning – let the sunrise slowly wake you up, just the way nature intended. And just imagine how cosy it must be to snuggle up inside if the weather’s a bit miserable outside! Cosying up with a good book in one of the plush chairs, warming up with a freshly made coffee and enjoying the sound of the rain all around… Sure sounds lush if you ask me!

The bubble domes at the Finn Lough Resort are fully kitted out and provide ample comfort on par with any hotel stay. The bedroom and living area features a plush four-poster bed, luxury arm chairs, a Nespresso coffee machine, an en-suite bathroom (complete with an electric shower) and even a little telescope should you fancy a closer look at the constellations above your head. But little touches such as the wooden floors, snazzy lighting, power outlets and complimentary breakfast mean that you’d quickly forget that you’re out camping rather rather than staying in a conventional suite! Trust me – this is one of the most comfortable and most unique glamping experiences you could ever have at home.

However it’s at nighttime when these bubble domes really come into their own. Since you’re out in natural surroundings you’ll be able to do some fantastic star gazing. There’s no bright lights around you to detract from the experience. As soon as you’re comfy and settled in bed, you’ll be greeted by a ceiling of stars – enjoy incredible moments together seeing and discovering all the constellations without even having to move!

The Finn Lough Resort

As for the resort itself, it’s fair to say that you’re in very good hands here. The resort is perched on the leafy banks of Lough Erne with a massive emphasis on really getting back to nature and switching off from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. There are several other types of accommodation offered such as the Lakeside Lodges, Waterside Cottages and Catered Suites, so if you’d rather come here for a little family getaway in a holiday cottage rather than a romantic escape, the resort provides plenty of fantastic opportunities to do so.

Plus there’s absolutely loads for both young and old to do here! Whether it’s heading out on the lake, fishing, cycling or even trying out a bit of airsoft, the Finn Lough has lots of activities on-site to keep everyone more than happy. For the adults, there’s an extra treat: a fantastic spa hidden away in the woods…

Booking the Bubble Lodges

I recommend booking directly with the Finn Lough Resort over at their website. You’ll find a website-exclusive Bubble Dome Experience package which includes your accommodation, cooked breakfast and access to all of the excellent amenities on-site. Rates start from £195 per night and it promises one of the most romantic experiences you could ever have in Northern Ireland.

I don’t know about you but this has definitely earned a place on my bucket list!

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