On Earth there are so many fascinating natural wonders that just take your breath away. From pink oceans to impressive coral reefs, I’ve showed you so many natural phenomena already in my Travel Magazine. But what I’ve got for you today is truly awesome!

Today I’ll be going above and beyond the usual fare to show you something man-made that’s truly mind-blowing, because I’d like to show you a Japanese village that’s actually built right in the middle of a volcano! How bonkers is that?


Aogashima – The village in a volcano

Well I’ve already seen a thing or two, but even I am flabbergasted at the village of Aogashima! The reason for this being the fact that this village was in fact built right in the centre of a volcano. Yes…you read that right! The Japanese village is located on an island in the middle of an active volcano, and it really is quite the spectacle. But if you’re thinking that this must be an abandoned village, then you wrong. There are still around 200 people living here in this village who are all living out their normal lives and going about their daily business like you and me. There’s a garage, a few supermarkets and even a liquor store and a community sauna. Thanks to the volcano’s geothermal activity, there is even free heating and warm water on the island – doesn’t sound so bad when you put it that way, right?


The inhabitants of Aogashima can also go swimming, hiking, and fishing… It definitely won’t be boring. You will even find cars on the 6 square kilometre island – a popular mode of transport! That’s because the island is always very windy and battling it out on a bicycle is somewhat harder. The last time the volcano erupted was some 230 years ago, whereby half of the island’s population perished.

If you’d like to visit this fascinating village in real life, then you can reach it best by ferry or by helicopter. You don’t need to worry too much that something may happen, as the last eruption warning was 9 years ago. Of course there is always a certain amount of risk. If it sounds too dangerous for you, then just get an impression of Aogashima with this video:

If you want to go to Aogashima, then you’re best flying to Tokyo. The village is around 360 kilometres from the Japanese capital. You can travel on from there. Find cheap flights to Tokyo here:


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