Exuberant Andalusia is bursting with sounds, colours and flavours

Flamenco, guitar music, tasty tapas, Moorish-era landmarks and bull-fighting: Andalucia’s distinct culture and history is one that makes Spain so unique. Cities like Seville, Jerez and Huelva exemplify the architecture and atmosphere of this southern region, which is offset by its blue skies and fantastic weather.

Meanwhile, its inland wilderness shows you the real Andalucia: a laidback rural landscape that’s perfect for nature lovers and those looking for an active holiday.

With tour company Travelnal, you can explore Southern Spain’s magnificent culture, countryside, music and food with a variety of tours. Founded by Andalucian native Silvia Bernal, Travelnal is passionate about southern Spain’s culture and people and invites visitors to learn about it through a variety of tours.

With a series of countryside escapes and city trips, local guides want to open the minds of tourists and share the stories, secrets and parts of Andalucian life that they could not find on their own.

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Spanish culture


Sitting on the Guadalquivir River, Andalucia’s capital city Seville has a lively atmosphere and several distinct areas that you’ll love getting lost in. Baroque palaces, Moorish monuments and intimate, winding streets will seduce you like no other!

Seville is just one stop on Travenal’s Spanish Culture Tour – a six-day itinerary spanning different towns and cities with accommodation, traditional meals and a flamenco performance included!

You’ll learn about Seville’s most iconic sights from a local guide. You can visit the iconic Royal Alcázar of Seville, with its ornate Moorish design, head over to the towering Cathedral de Seville and take in those famous tiles as you cross the Plaza de Espana.

Castillo de las Guardas

Away from Andalucia’s beaches and popular cities, the area of Castille de las Guardas sits along the Guadiamar River. Its historic village contains many remnants of its medieval and Arabic past. Your tour guide will lead you first to the highest part of the village, where you can see the remnants of the medieval “El Torreón” Castle.  You can breathe in the fresh air and admire views of the Rio Guadiamar green, rural landscapes below.

Later, you’ll make your way to the stunning San Juan Bautista Church, a 13th-century building with a mix of Roman, Gothic and Renaissance architecture. You’ll be led to other wonderfully-preserved landmarks such as the Baroque Fuente Abrevadero and can sample some

The official animal of Spain is, of course, the bull. With Travelnal, you can visit these magnificent creatures at one of El Castillo de las Guardas’ cattle ranches. See this unique breed in its natural habitat and learn about how they live in the wild. This municipality is home to an incredible nature reserve as well (more about this below).


Unknown Spain

The Cave of Wonders

Set along an exquisite mountain range is the town of Aracena. Here, you’ll find one of the most incredible natural formations in Andalucia: The Cave of Wonders. The fusion of water and limestone has left whimsical shapes and forms and emerald-coloured lakes over thousands of years in these caverns.

Hotel recommendations

  • Hotel Fort West Barranco: Old-west style hotel at the entrance of the Reserva Natural del Castillo de las Guardas.

  • Finca los Caleros: Rustic cottages in an ecological reserve

  • La Casita del Lago: Holiday homes located within the nature reserve that overlook lake
  • The Caves are open to the public and with Travelnal, you can explore the caves as well as a tour of Aracena on their Unknown Spain Tour. This is a small tour group with a six-night trip including meals, entrance fees, accommodation and plenty of sightseeing!


    Castillo de Las Guardas Nature Reserve

    On this tour, you’ll get to see splendid landscapes and animal life of inland Andalucia. Just 50km outside of Seville, you can take a train ride in the company of lions, giraffes, bears, elephants and more as you navigate through La Reserva Natural del Castillo de Las Guardas.

    Set within the remains of an old copper mine, there are more than 100 different animal species who can enjoy enclosures similar to their natural habitat. It’s one of the most spectacular parks in Europe and there are plenty of other activities at the nature reserve such as paintballing, go-karting and swimming.

    The Rio Tinto Mines

    See the exquisite Rio Tinto (Red River) with its nearby opencast mines on this tour. This red-coloured river gets its hue from the iron in the soil. The minerals give the surrounding rocks incredible shades of pinks, brown, yellow and red. Led by your guide, you’ll discover an otherworldly landscape. It’s a fantastic stop on your tour and you will also see the village and countryside of El Castillo de las Guardas.

    Food and Wine

    Tapas are a way of life in Andalucia. People here will spend their evenings in an eatery enjoying classic foods like jamón serrano, olives, sherry wine, gazpacho and fried fish.

    This region prides itself on olive oil, so expect this to be a dominant flavour. Travelnal’s Food and Wine Tour offers you the chance to learn about this special gastronomy with a six-night trip. You’ll do some sightseeing and sample plenty of local food.

    There are so many highlights on this tour, which gives you a full range of the flavours that Spain is known for. You’ll visit Aracena on your second day, known for its ham and mushrooms. The tour guide will take you to El Castillo de las Guardas, a town known for its honey, milk and livestock. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to sample el Piñonate, a homemade sweet made of honey, nuts and spices.

    You’ll dine in a winery called Bodega de San Rafael in Seville on day four of your tour. On the last day, you’re in for a real treat! You get to sample the world-famous sherry in the beautiful city of Jerez and eat some fresh seafood. It’s a mouthwatering experience that will you an appreciation of the mastery behind this Mediterranean cuisine.

    Yoga and Wine Weekend

    Looking to keep fit and still enjoy life’s greatest pleasures? Then try Travelnal’s Yoga and Wine Weekend. You can keep yourself balanced with sunrise yoga and meditations sessions during this four-night trip

    You’ll pack in three days of energising yoga combined with sightseeing, lunching and sightseeing on Saturday and Sunday, before heading off home on Monday. It’s the perfect trip for those who like to combine comfort with culture!


    Be inspired by Spain!


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