Travelling around the world can sometimes be a scary place, especially if you’re travelling by yourself. But luckily, one travel blogger has created a space on the internet where worried wanderers can gather together, meet up, and put their woes to the side. Australian born Phoebe Escott-Kenny tells us about her move to Europe, and the steps she has put in place to ensure travellers get the best out of their trip.

There can only be one reason someone would move from the sunny climes of Australia to the grey and dreary weather we get here in Europe, right? Well the reason Phoebe moved from Queensland in north eastern Australia to Germany is exactly what you would think. “It was for love,” Phoebe explains. She followed her German boyfriend across the world in 2011, and the two have settled in Frankfurt since. When she isn’t travelling across the globe, Phoebe spends her days as an English teacher in the city. Travel writer and English teacher –there can’t be many two other jobs that work together better. In her seven years living in Germany, Phoebe has learned German and Spanish – and travelled to over 40 countries, logging all her experiences on her blog, Kaptain Kenny Travel. Phoebe very kindly agreed to chat with me for the latest episode of my podcast, and you best believe this is an interesting conversation!

Our exclusive interview with Phoebe Escott-Kenny of Kaptain Kenny Travel

Starting the blog up | Team Kaptain Kenny | Visit your own backyard

Image provided by Phoebe

Starting the blog up

With all the success Kaptain Kenny Travel has enjoyed, it’s hard to believe the blog is only two years old. It’s humble beginnings actually came right here in Ireland, while Phoebe was taking a course as an English teacher in Galway. A friend had noticed Phoebe’s talent for snapping incredible photos of Ireland and uploading them to Facebook, so the idea to gather them together in one place was born. Of course, Phoebe soon found out the expectations and reality of blogging can be complete polar opposites. What she thought would be sitting in a café, laptop in front of her and typing out her thoughts, soon revealed itself as a little more work. It’s almost a full time job, as you have to be editor, photographer, SEO manager, marketing manager, the list is endless. While it is, admittedly, one of the more fun jobs out there, Phoebe still sees it as a job and thinks it important to treat it as such. It’s lucky sharing her travels across the world is something Phoebe loves to do, so that we can all share in the amazing places she has been to.

With her blog becoming more and more successful, more and more opportunities began to arise for Phoebe. One of my favourite of the opportunities is the TeamKaptainKenny hashtag that has been circulating on Instagram recently, and has also found life on Facebook.

Team Kaptain Kenny

Phoebe is super excited about the #TeamKaptainKenny hashtag, and rightfully should be. The hashtag was started roughly six months ago, and has almost taken over. Again, the beginning came from a recommendation, this time from a girl from New Zealand who noticed how friendly and welcoming Phoebe was as a blogger. Phoebe had been trying for the two years she had set up her blog to find her niche, and it seemed this might be the way to go. The hashtag was a hit, with almost 30,000 posts on Instagram alone. As Instagram had been such a success, the next step was to widen the circle and bring the tag to a different audience. That’s where Facebook came in. Phoebe set up a Facebook group where travellers who met up together through the hashtag could share their stories, or budding escapees can gather together and share tips on their favourite destinations. The group started a couple of months ago, and already tonnes of people are joining up to gather together across the world. It’s really heart-warming to see travel bringing so many people together! If you want a little pick me up before you head off into the world, then why not come and join in the fun over on Facebook

Visit your own backyard

Hands up how many of us have been to all 32 counties in Ireland? Now, how many of you have been to at least 10 countries across Europe? One of Phoebe’s biggest regrets when she left Australia was that she hadn’t seen as much of the country as she could have. It’s true, we hear so much about how beautiful Ireland is but rarely go to see just what the country offers. It’s something Phoebe tries to correct every time she goes back to her home country. She’s a big fan of road trips, having already driven from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and I can’t think of any country better for a road trip than Australia. I’m sure you’ll agree she has a plethora of amazing routes available to her.

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When you go to the Grand Canyon for the first time, you should go blindfolded. Once you get out of the car, wrap a t-shirt around your eyes and ask your friend to lead you through the crowds and down the stairs to the lookout point. You will expect grandiosity but you won’t fully understand “how” big until you see it with your own eyes. • • *TEASER* Here is an excerpt from one of my travel articles (which you can read in full in my bio) • • “I decide to ride in a helicopter for the first time. I figure that if I’m going to do it, it may as well be over one of the often-named wonders of the world. I strap myself in and begin to listen to our Irish pilot Patrick. I make a mental note that he is probably the 70th Irish Patrick I’ve met in my life and then I remind myself of what’s to come. It’s a poignant moment really, taking off in a helicopter. Unlike a plane, which edges forward at great velocity, a helicopter gracefully leaves the ground with you almost unaware. • • We make haste, over the pine trees and to the very edge of the canyon. I feel overwhelmed and rather consumed by the size but in every good way. My Australian eyeballs haven’t seen anything like it. It’s HUGE. I try to focus my eyes on one point to get a sense of scale. I decide to look at the Colorado River and I mention to Patrick that it looks like a tiny stream. He laughs and remarks that the Colorado River is rather mighty. • • The ride lasts for 45 minutes in total and I savour every moment. At the end, I have the feeling that it lasted much longer. (Want to see VIDEO footage from this trip? Go to my Insta story highlights and click “USA”) • • #teamkaptainkenny • • • • #usatravel #visitarizona #arizona🌵 #grandcanyonskywalk #grandcanyonstate #grandcanyonnps #grandcanyonnationalpark #grandcanyonsouthrim #usanationalparks #visitusa #usatrip #usanature #intrepidtravel #travelblogger #liveintrepid #usaroadtrip #geckosadventures #girlslovetravel #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #femmetravel #wearetravelgirls #girlsborntotravel #globelletravels #darlingescapes #womenwhoexplore

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Listen to Phoebe’s plans

From the sounds of it, Phoebe has some exciting years coming up ahead of her. If you think my previous guests have been inspirational, you’ve seen (or maybe that’s heard?) nothing yet! There’s so much in store here, I’m sure the KaptainKenny empire is just going to skyrocket!

Be sure you listen in to Phoebe’s interview. She was truly one of the most happy people to talk to (and, of course, there’s nothing better than an Aussie accent ;) ). There are so many ways you can keep tuned in, be it iTunes, Soundcloud, or even on my YouTube channel. So, there really is no excuse to let this one pass you by. Get that passport ready and get ready to make some amazing friendships that could last a lifetime!


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