Edinburgh Fringe Festival is renowned worldwide for it’s atmosphere and creativeness. If there’s one reason to visit… it’s this!

The biggest festival of its kind, Edinburgh Fringe Festival is renowned worldwide for its atmosphere and creativeness. And if there’s ever a reason to visit the Scottish capital… it’s this! One of those things you just have to witness at some point in your lifetime :)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Taking place between the 5th and 29th of August, this is bound to be a great way to finish off your Summer! There won’t be a minute without anything to see :) Excitement buzzing through the city and spirits super high… it’s just a fantastic time to be in Edinburgh!

You’ll spot thousands of performers, hundreds of stages and a whole host of excited crowds all over the city… turning the capital into a colour, joyful Theatre for pretty much a whole month!

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Performances include everything from theatre, comedy and dance to music, circus, operas, spoken word and everything in between. AND, there’s plenty for children as well, so it can really be a great family day out! Although seeing as it’s definitely Edinburgh’s busiest time of year, you’ll definitely need to get booking hotels ASAP. Daytime on the streets is a party… the nights, not so much! ;) So get that hotel booked! I’ve left a link below for you to find the cheapest offers around. Of course, the festivities go on for pretty much an entire month, so you’ve plenty of choice for when to go… just depends on when suits you :)

Although the festival is quite a modern affair now, it actually dates all the way back to 1947 when 8 theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at the International Festival, in an attempt to enrich European cultural life after the Second World War… so, not only is it reach in talent and spirit… it’s also incredibly rich in history.

It’s gonna be really interesting to see what it’s like this year, as in 2015 there were 50,459 performances in 313 venues… so, just a decent size then…! This is a MASSIVE event and I cannot recommend it more to you… so make sure you start planning your trip!

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - August 3, 2013: A street performer balances on a tightrope, held up by volunteers picked from the crowd on the Royal Mile on the first weekend of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Crowds of spectators watch a street performer balancing on a tightrope during an Edinburgh Fringe performance in the city's Old Town.


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