Waiting for your next trip can sometimes be unbearable. Food can help with most of your worries, as well as your travel lust! With these recipes from foreign cuisines, you can bring your favourite destinations into your own four walls in a jiffy.

Cook different dishes from all over the world – everyone will love them! You’re still waiting for your next holiday, you’re tired of everyday life and you’re regularly caught scrolling through dreamy travel videos. It’s official – you’ve got the travel bug. Even if your bank account or your timetable doesn’t allow for a short getaway, I have a small SOS tip, which will ease your wanderlust. How about instead of biting into your boring cheese roll this evening, you cook something different from your favourite destination? International food is often easier to cook than ordering it from a takeaway.

The most delicious dishes from all over the world

I have dug out 6 dishes for you from around the world, which you should definitely try making this summer, even if you have already cured your wanderlust! I promise you that these dishes will not disappoint – they don’t say, ‘the best way to the heart is through the stomach,’ for nothing.

Tacos from Mexico | Moussaka from Greece | Curry from Thailand | Gazpacho from Spain |

American Pizza from… | Tiramisu from Italy

Original Mexican Tacos

Bye Bye fast-food tacos! You simply will not find what is often sold here in the UK as ‘typically Mexican’ in restaurants in Central America. If you go to a Mexican party, you will encounter the father of finger food – soft tortillas stuffed with beef or mincemeat, with a decent portion of onions and homemade salsa. If you want to keep away from the American counterpart, then keep your fingers away from sour cream, cheese or chicken. This is not what a true Mexican would scatter on his tacos.

You should devote more of your precious time to the salsa, unless you can tolerate a healthy portion of Jalapeños! A little bit of coriander, then simply fold up and enjoy! If you cook them with fresh ingredients, then the term ‘fast food’ takes on a whole new meaning!

A Greek Dream from the Oven

Would you like to spend a little bit longer in the kitchen to make something extravagant for your loved ones? Then I challenge you to try making a Moussaka. You’ll find this casserole on the menu in every traditional Greek restaurant – it’s special feature is grilled aubergine! If you’re fed up of good old Lasagna, it is not a bad idea to mix things up! Fry the aubergine in olive oil, as well as the mince, of course.

The dish is refined with tomatoes, onions and garlic and finally rounded off with a thick layer of béchamel sauce and some cheese. Put it in oven and voilà – the finished Greek casserole is ready. Can you hear the waves crashing by the coast?

Curry, Curry, Curry

What would Thai cuisine be without its wide range of curries? Not only is the dish incredibly versatile, so you can choose the ingredients according to what you fancy, but it is also super healthy! So, vegans, vegetarians and meat junkies will all be more than satisfied. In addition, it’s inexpensive, quick to prepare and also brings a touch of Bangkok to your terrace.

Cold soup from Spain

Even the largest soup lovers among us are looking for an alternative during the hot summer months. But this isn’t necessary at all because cold soups can be enjoyed with confidence. This is proven by traditional Spanish cuisine, which has served Gazpacho for many years. It’s hard to believe. It’s a completely uncooked dish, which could just as easily be passed off as a vegetable smoothie. Use cucumber, pepper, tomato, onion, garlic with olive oil, white wine and, if needs be, chunks of crusty bread.

Seasoned with tabasco and salt, and garnished with croutons and diced vegetables, this dish will make for the perfect picture on Instagram. Voilà – the summer soup is finished! It proves to be a real saviour, particularly during the summer heat waves.

Pizza – just better

The Americans are notorious for their comfort food, which is fat, sugary, and tasty! If you host a night in front of the TV with your friends, but they’re demanding more than the standard frozen pizza, then you should take a little tip from the American kitchen. A simple Pizza à la Italia can eventually become boring. So why not simply use the potential of the crispy crust and fill it with cheese. Maybe you have friends round, who always leave the crust lying on the plate, but an attempt would be definitely worth it, right?

Italy know all about La Dolce Vita

Pizza is too ordinary for me – you know that already. Fortunately, Italy has far more to offer. In addition to the culinary delights from the world of pasta, visitors to Italy never pass up the option of the dessert menu. Which dessert has captured the heart of foodies for decades? Tiramisu, of course! Classic, simple and elaborate enough to get you some appreciative glances from family and friends – you simply can’t go wrong with tiramisu! The main ingredients are a large portion of biscuits (a pack too many rather than too few), mascarpone, cocoa powder, espresso, egg yolk and – finally moving into dessert terrain – sugar.

Alternatively, lady finger biscuits dipped in espresso, and whipped mascarpone, layered with egg yolk and sugar – mmmm. Then generously sprinkled with cocoa powder – heavenly! Now you know what dreams are made of! But if you really want to knock the socks off your old aunt, who is never impressed by anything, then take a day off and conjure up a whole tiramisu cake. Or show creativity and try a summery tiramisu creation, with fresh strawberries.

I’d say you’ve now got a lot to do. In my search for great international dishes, I also came across many other wild and wonderful specialities. Cooking exotic dishes is a great solution to help you get over your travelling blues. What international dishes are you going to cook when you are suffering from the travel bug?

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