Golden beaches, magnificent vineyards and picturesque bays decorated with pine groves – all of this awaits you at the Croatian island of Brac.

Once you spend a holiday on Brac, you’re bound to be left longing for more. Breathtaking flora and fauna await you, enchanting holiday resorts with picturesque beaches and stunning sights make for an unforgetable stay. In case you haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to this enchanting island in Central Dalmatia, it’s about time that you get a proper insight.

Brac – an enchanting island in the Adriatic | Most popular resort: Bol | Supetar, Milna and more | White limestone | Holiday on Brac

Brac – a diverse island in the Adriatic

With a surface area of 395 km², Brac Island is the third largest island in the Adriatic. The isle is especially popular among the sun worshippers, but also among nature-bound holidaymakers. With its golden sandy beaches, bright blue sea and comfortable Mediterranean climate, it offers the perfect conditions for a beach holiday; idyllic and hilly, rocky sceneries also provide some unforgettable holiday experiences for the hikers. It actually doesn’t matter whether you fancy some relaxation, action or sightseeing – Brac has something to suit every kind of holiday.

Bol – the most popular holiday resort on the island

As soon as Brac is mentioned, the seaside resort Bol on the southern coast immediately comes to mind. It shouldn’t surprise anyone – after all this oldest place on Brac’s coast is one of the prettiest spots on the island. Once upon a time, it was mainly fishermen, sailors and winemakers that visited here and today it’s mainly tourists that flock to this place, especially because of the picturesque beach surrounded by coniferous trees – Zlatni Rat. But the beach is popular not just because of the azure sea that borders it, but especially due to its unique form and location which change in response to the wind and waves. Nowadays, this beloved beach is regarded as a symbol of the entire island and is one of the most popular postcard images of Croatia.

But it’s not just the picturesque beach that attracts numerous tourists to this popular resort every year. Whether surfing, diving, tennis or paragliding – active holidaymakers will get their money’s worth too. Nature lovers will also appreciate the breathtaking view of the Bolska Kruna mountain range that stretches over Bol, as well as the Vidova Gora which, thanks to its 778 m height, is the highest peak in the Adriatic archipelago. Stroll through the narrow streets of Bol and you’ll see that there are many more small details that make this place simply unique. Cute little stone houses that accommodate cosy taverns lend the city a very special charm and historic sights care for amazed visitors.

If you’ve had enough of relaxing at the beach, you should definitely pay a visit to the Dominican monastery perched on the golden tongue and the churches of Gospa and Karmela, the Kastil fortress and the imposing Renaissance palace of Jelcic family are very popular too. If you fancy taking a little trip from Bol, definitely check out the impressive Blaca Monastery near the village of Murvica. In order to finish off the relaxed holiday in style, I recommend a visit to one of the numerous locales which offer delicious local specialties, as well as tasty cocktails, regional wines and good music that make for a great atmosphere later in the evening. Bol is simply the perfect place to combine a holiday with a bit of culture.

Supetar, Milna and more

The title of second most popular place goes to beautiful Supetar perched on the opposite side of the island. You can reach it from Bol in just one hour if you take the car. The natural stone houses decorated with white, limed roofs are especially worth viewing. Once there, you also can’t afford to miss a visit to the Mausoleum, the ultimate photo background. You’d do best to take a walk through the and view the many beautiful buildings like the magnificent Sveti Petar Church for example and stroll along the beach promenade lined with palm trees. Here, you can devote yourself completely to a fun swim, relax for a while on the pebbly beach or simply sit back at one of many pretty cafés and restaurants. Just like at so many other beautiful spots on Earth, all you have to do here is watch, admire and enjoy!

If you have a bit of time to spare, the idyllic holiday resort Sutivan on the northern coast, as well as the enchanting harbour town of Milna on the western coast some 20 km away from Supetar, are both worth a visit. Stroll through the narrow streets, hop into the emerald, shimmering, crystal clear water to enjoy a swim and simply enjoy life on this charming island. I’m sure that these moments will form some of your fondest memories.

My tip: In case you have enough time and want to spend some of your holiday on the gorgeous island more actively, then a bicycle is the perfect alternative to a rental car. Brac scores some points not just because of extensive hiking routes but also due to well signposted cycle paths which provide some sensational views of the unique island landscape while you’re on your way. Isn’t that a great way to explore the area and the picturesque villages on your own? So pack your backpack and hop on a bike!

Whilte limestone as revenue source

Even if tourism is, without a doubt, the most important source of revenue for Brac Island, there is one more important source and that’s the famous white, marble-like limestone. It’s a very popular building material, due to its radiant, white colour that remains unspoiled for years and it’s characteristic lead content of white tones. And so the limestone, which is also very easy to process, is broken down and used as a construction material. Famous structures, such as the Diocletian Palace in Split, the White House in Washington and even the Reichstag in Berlin were built from this particular limestone. Who would have thought?

Fancy a trip to Brac?

I’d understand it completely, if you caught the travel bug after my short overview of this wonderful island and you started hunting for the next flight to Croatia. You’re probably finding it difficult to sit tight in your chair, dreaming about the beautiful, golden Zlatni Rad beach and a stunning view of the sea? If that’s the case, then send me a request through my Deal Finder, quick! I’ll look for a suitable deal for you!

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