Soon it is the time of year again that everybody gets excited about the festive season! Ok for some people Christmas starts too early but I, your Holidayguru, have to admit that I am a real Christmas fanatic, so it can’t come early enough, if you ask me! Why else would I have provided you with great Christmas offers during the last coupla weeks… (Hope you liked them) And last minute is not a good idea for Christmas trips: The earlier you book, the cheaper. Flights during Christmas time can be extortionate!
Anyway, Christmas in Ireland is great, you have the whole family coming together, a massive Christmas dinner, Turkey and Ham sandwiches all week, the swim on Stephen’s Day … However, I must say that Ireland is missing something essential in December. A proper and big Christmas Market! I know, Grafton Street looks pretty nice with the Christmas lights on and Brown Thomas revealing their epic Christmas decorations in Dublin isn’t too bad either. But still, some cities in Europe got that special something which you shouldn’t miss around this festive season. Especially in Germany and Austria Christmas Markets have a century-long tradition, dating back to 1400. Not much has changed actually: They still display craftsmanship – ranging from wood carvings to candle making, offer artisan and seasonal food, like Lebkuchen and sell tasty mulled wine, that warms you up while you stroll along the glowing stalls and marvel at the Christmas lights. These markets spread just the right atmosphere on a cold Winter’s evening and make everything look sparkly and festive. That is why I tried my best to show you some good deals to visit these Christmas Markets around Germany, Austria and Poland, so how about you combine a city break with a pre-Christmas trip and get your shopping done as well?! In this article I show you my Top 6 Picks for your special Christmas Market getaway. All you need to do is pick and book one :) So here is my list…

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My Top Christmas Market Deals…


Krakow Christmas Market: 2 Nights incl. Hotel, Breakfast, Rental Bike and Flights for only €182

Let’s start with Poland! Krakow’s Christmas Market actually belongs to one of the oldest in Europe. In Rynek Glowny, the historic central square of the Old Town,  you find the market. It already starts in late November, so if this offer doesn’t suit you, you can change the date and fly over a bit earlier. On the market you can spoil yourself with local gingerbread or listen to a Christmas Carroll sung on the street. Krakow’s Christmas Market is great to bring home some hand-made souvenirs and surprise your loved one with delicate craft-work…

Christmas Market Weekend: 2 Nights incl. Hotel, Breakfast and Flights for only €262

Now, this one is very special to me, as this deal leads you to the Christmas Capital of Germany! Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a picturesque quaint village protected as a historical town. Within the town walls you will feel set back in time. The medieval buildings have not been changed, but beautifully restored, and you can wander across the cobbled-stoned streets through the magical alleyways. Especially during Christmas time this town lives up to its fullest. Everything is cosily lit and decorated with garlands. Anyone with a sweet tooth should try the famous Rothenburg Snowballs, a kind of shortcrust pastry, you will love it. Also make sure to go by the Käthe Wohlfahrt. It is a shop for traditional Christmas decorations, where you will find lovely wooden hand-carvings, which will look great on your mantelpiece at home. You will definitely find one in every German household. Oh and if you like it spooky, then follow The Night Watchman on his tour through the dark streets…

Manchester Christmas Market Weekend for only €137

Sure, you don’t have to travel too far to find a traditional Christmas Market. Ok, the one in Manchester might not be as old as the other ones here, but this one can actually keep up! Like the huge one in Birmingham, this market copies the model of the German and Austrian ones and actually does a good job. You will find the market on Albert Square, St. Ann’s Square or Brazennose Street. Really hard to  overlook! I’m sure it won’t get boring to walk along the 300 stalls who will tempt you with their delicious sweets and liqueurs from all over the world.

Berlin Christmas Market: 2 Nights incl. 4* Hotel, Breakfast and Flights for only €180

What can I say but Berlin during Christmas is simply magical! The city itself is worth a break, and to top it all, you can experience Germany’s capital during the festive season with the whole place in warm sparkling colours. Visit Charlottenburg Palace where you find one of the biggest Christmas Markets of the city. Treat yourself to a glass of the lovely spiced mulled wine, better known as Glühwein over there. To keep the place trash free, you pay a deposit for the glasses, which you get back when you return it, or more realistically, refill it. You can also pimp your hot wine with rum or Amaretto if you need to warm up quicker… Some stall have their very own “interesting” creations. One thing is for sure: You’ve got to try something new :)

Vienna: 3 Nights in Apt for 4 and Flights for only €232

This deal takes you to beautiful Austria and its historic Vienna. This Christmas Market dates back to 1298, when it was still called “Krippenmarkt” (Crib Market). Nowadays you have as much as 40 markets to choose from in Vienna. In front of the city Hall you find the traditional Christkindlmarkt, which is surrounded by the beautifully lit historic buildings. The one at Belvedere Palace is also impressive, as it is set against the baroque residence and makes you feel like a royal! Don’t miss out on the wonderful marzipan pralines you find in the “sweet” stalls and as always a glass of punch :)

German Christmas Market Tour: 4 Cities in 3 Nights with Hotel and Flights for only €206

You still can’t get enough of one Christmas Market??? Then this deal is absolutely perfect for you. It doesn’t only cover one, not even only two or three but four German cities! The so-called Ruhr Area in the North East of Germany is a huge metropolitan area with city after city. In this deal I suggest to visit four different places (staying in) Essen, Duisburg, Bochum and Dortmund. All of these cities are around 10 minutes from each other by train and have a great markets waiting for you! You can divide the days up and stroll around in the morning in Duisburg, spend the afternoon in Bochum and have a lovely dinner in vibrant Essen. So if you like the full Christmas package, this is it!
Well I hope I could give you some advice as to where to go to for visiting a Christmas Market this year. you see it is actually not that difficult to plan it. Have a look at the above deals and see which one you like best. If the deals are getting more expensive please drop me a message and I can custom make some new ones for you! Merry Christmas!!! (sorry, it’s only October…)