Nothing quite beats the breath-taking beauty of the natural phenomena that we have on our planet. Take a look at some of the most impressive canyons in the world…

Is there anything more beautiful than a breathtaking natural canyon? I don’t think so! Gorges and canyons in particular always have a particular effect on us when we see the huge drop and the steep, rugged cliffs. Today I’m going to show you the prettiest and most impressive gorges and canyons by far!

Canyon Perfection

Vintgar-Klamm | Taroko Gorge | Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Verdon Gorge | Zion National Park | Blyde River Canyon

Vintgar-Klamm, Slovenia

Our first port of call takes us to Slovenia, near the town of Bled. These breathtaking pictures show a ravine, Vintgar-Klamm, that looms between the Hom and Boršt mountains. Vintgar-Klamm is around 1.6km in length and can be traversed via a wooden bridge – when you take this path you’ll have the opportunity to see the beauty of the gorge up close! It’s best to plan around a good hour or so to look around and have a stop every now and then to enjoy the forces of nature. Listen to the sounds of the water rushing by and breathe in the cool air that prevail between the rugged cliffs. If you follow the wooden bridge to the end, you’ll reach the 13 metre-high waterfall Sum. Be sure to take a good camera with you – there’s some awesome photo opportunities!


Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

Been to Taiwan before? Taroko Natinal Park, named after Taroko Gorge, gets a lot of people in the mood for a bit of adventure. The River Liwu is what makes this gorge so special – with the enormous forces of its currents the river has cut a 19 kilometer-long gorge out of the mountains, which are made out of marble. Today it’s possible to explore the gorge by yourself – various paths lead into the gorge itself, others lead to impressive waterfalls or to viewing platforms where you can calmly soak up the views.


Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, USA

I’m sure some of you have already heard of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area before! It’s one of the largest recreational areas in the world and with its artificial reservoir Lake Powell it offers not just a gorgeous, picturesque setting, but also all kinds of sports opportunities where you can let off some steam. From swimming, diving, snorkelling, and water skiing to little boat trips, this unbelievable bit of nature can be explored to your heart’s content in all kinds of different ways. The hiking also draws a lot of visitors here. However it has to be said that Lake Powell is the second-largest reservoir in the United States, so if you’re going to walk all the way around it’s going to take quite a while. ;) It’s definitely worth visiting for the experiences in store for you here!


Verdon Gorge, France

The turquoise waters of the River Verdon wind their away for 25km through the Verdon Gorge in the French region of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. The gorge is up to 700m deep and invites water sports lovers to go exploring with their canoes. However paragliders and bungee jumpers can also get their adrenaline fix here, and there’s over 1,500 different paths that lead through the gorge. Pretty much every extreme sport can be enjoyed here – even mountain bikers can get their kick in the French Provence! Not to mention the gorge is stunning to look at too with the river’s bright turquoise waters and rugged mountains. There’s a reason why Verdon Gorge is considered one of the most beautiful gorges in Europe!


Zion National Park, USA

If you’re looking for true natural beauty, then make your way to Zion National Park in Utah, USA. The beautiful natural wonders here will really take your breath away, and I guarantee you’ll be spending quite a bit of time here. The prettiest photo opportunities are reached by foot, starting at Kanarra Creek and ending at the Subway. You can also choose to admire the landscapes in peace, or heat things up a bit with a touch of adrenaline. Climbing, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding are all popular here!


Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Did you know that the Blyde River Canyon in Mpumalanga, South Africa, is one of the most beautiful in the world? Dense, thick forests are pierced by outcrops of bright red sandstone. With a length of around 25km and a depth of up to 800m, the canyon is not just a popular excursion for visitors, but also home to hippos and antelopes. While visitors from all over the world come here to explore the canyon by hot air balloon, hike or go mountain biking, one part is particularly popular: the Three Rondavels look like the traditional homes of the natives.


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