Can I guess your age? Tell me about your travel preferences and I tell you your age!

Since I am your Holidayguru, I have superpowers, you know that! Now let us use my psychic energies to try out something fun. I have created a quiz for you and I hope you enjoy it :) So let us see if I can guess your age!

I am convinced that certain holidays are customized for a certain age. A cruise ship going around Britain probably has only few youngsters on bord, whereas you won’t find many over-50s in Salou’s party club. Hey! Nothing is impossible. Maybe I’m wrong and you will tell me that you’re a 18-year old, who loves a good wine and enjoy pottering about the old town of Krakow… You might also be in your Sixties and love a good party holiday at Kho Phangan. The world of the Guru is colourful, so I let you surprise me…

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