We’re all looking for the best way to see the best places at the best prices… so it’s time to choose carefully! By looking around (or enlisting the help of a certain Guru!), you’d be amazed by the incredible deals you can find! ;)Make 2016 your nomadic year…

Lonely Planet’s ‘Best Value Destinations for 2016’

To give you that first leg up, the wizards at Lonely Planet went and rustled up a little list of the best value destinations you could add to that bucket list. And let me tell you, they’re pretty spot on! So I thought I’d go through just a little few of them that I think could best interest you and can send you on a few flights in the pretty immediate future :)



First and foremost… let’s start cheap. Leave something in the bank for the rest of the adventures! Estonia is the ultimate destination if you want something different, new, but so cheap you’re basically getting it for nothing. Cut out that weekly takeaway night for a month and you’d have a pretty good standard of living on a holiday in Estonia… it really is that good :)

Whether you fancy a bit of a city buzz in Tallinn or a more quaint, chilled experience of a country side, there’s plenty of options for both here. So tick a whole new country off while not even hacking in to those savings.

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Tallin old town

New Mexico

Moving on to new experiences… you want something that will give you something to remember well after you’ve done those repetitive city breaks again and again. So it just has to be New Mexico in America’s southwest. Lonely Planet are bang on when they say “New mexico offers value from a time as well as monetary perspective” … it will stretch your holiday budget so much further than you’d think, and you’ll fit in a whole host of incredible adventures.

Visit the Breaking Bad sights, hike the Alpine forests or check out the hot springs… it’s all about adventure here, and it’s an adventure you have to live at one point or another :)

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Galicia, Spain

We’ll make the last one a little easier to get to from Ireland, just in case you’re planning to start off easy! Don’t be put off by the idea of a ‘stereotypical Spanish Summer holiday’… there’s nothing stereotypical about Galicia! Located in the northwest of the country, it’s a stunning place that boasts of the qualities of sunny Spain, but so much more individual features :) Not to mention the fact that it’s even cheaper than your usual Spanish resorts… I know, how can that even be possible!

Suss out the best tapas, take a wandering stroll along the coastline, and just soak up some of the most picturesque views you’ve ever seen. Spain really doesn’t get much better than this :)

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Galicia Cost

If you think that all sounds good… they’re only my best three of the list! There are plenty more where they came from, so just click the link below to head to Lonely Planet and see what other slices of wisdom they’re offering that travel bug of yours :)

Check Out Lonely Planet's Article Here!
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