It seems our phones are almost never out of our hands these days. The numerous apps we have one there are becoming more and more vital in everyday life, be it for Facebook to communicate with your friends, Snapchat to show your best selfies to everybody in your contacts list, Instagram to share a snap of your lunch, or maybe you live abroad and need WhatsApp to talk to people back home.

Whatever you need them for, they’ve become a vital part of life in the 21st century often saving you from boredom and allowing you to do everything you need to at the touch of a “button” or as is more common, via the touchscreen. So I’m sharing the best travel apps on my phone that I use on a pretty regular basis when I’m planning my holidays, and some that I use when I’ve arrived. With these handy apps, you can easily save your memories, work all the time and never get lost.

The Best Travel Apps to enhance your holiday

Before you travel |While you’re there

Before you travel

Skyscanner | Kayak |AirBnB | TripAdvisor | Duolingo | Holidayguru


Skyscanner is one of the best websites to find cheap flights, so it makes sense that the app would be one of the best travel apps too. It doesn’t just show you the best flight deals right across the world, but you can also browse hotels and car rentals. If you don’t have a dream destination to mind but still have those itchy feet, Skyscanner lets you choose “everywhere” in the destination box. Much better than throwing a dart at a map, huh? You can even set up price alerts for your flights, which will help you find the best time and price to book them.

Download on: the App Store | Google Play


Much like Skyscanner, Kayak is so much more than a flight finder app. There are also hotel recommendations and car hire companies. Kayak searches for flights across hundreds of websites you may never have even thought of using before. There’s a price forecast, which will make it so much easier to judge when you should book your getaway. Once you have booked, Kayak is also a handy trip planner. It will have your hotel reservation number, your flight booking code, even your gate number when you get to the airport. This all rounder is one of the best travel apps you could have on your phone.

Download on: the App Store | Google Play


AirBnB may have gotten a little controversy in the last few months, but it is still one of the go to places when finding accommodation. The prices you’ll find here are often significantly cheaper than a hotel for your stay. There can sometimes be a discount if you’re staying for an extended period, which is super handy if you’re travelling around and using your AirBnB as a base. Recently, they have started to expand their services. Not only do they offer some amazing homes to stay in, but now you can also check out some incredible experiences you can join in your new city. A beer walking tour in Amsterdam? Yoga classes under the Eiffel Tower? Sign me up!

Download on: the App Store | Google Play


Can’t decide where to go for dinner one night? Heard about some walking tours in the city but not too sure what they’re like? TripAdvisor has you covered. There are millions of honest user reviews on the site, ranging from restaurants to hotels to sights. You can also use their “near me” function, which will point you to some of the best restaurants, sightseeing spots and other highlights of the city that you might not notice otherwise.

Download on: the App Store | Google Play


If you did French in school and would like a quick reminder, or if you’re visiting Sweden for the first time and want to learn some of the local lingo, then look no further than Duolingo. It’s won the Apple iPhone App of the Year, so it must be one of the best travel apps to have in your arsenal. This handy app will help you to pick up some basic phrases to help you navigate your new surroundings. Duolingo is a little addictive, as there are daily goals to reach and challenges you can overcome. There are tonnes of languages available to learn, ranging from French and German to Esperanto and Hebrew. You’re covered almost the entire way across the world. You can even join groups of fellow learners, giving the chance to practice your new language. There’s no limits to your language learning.

Download on: the App Store | Google Play


Well, I couldn’t make a post like this without plugging my own app, could I? ;) I may be a teensey bit biased, but I do think Holidayguru is one of the best travel apps out there. I do a lot of the hard work for you on a daily basis, always bringing you the best deals to some really amazing prices. Not just that, but I also have a travel magazine section filled with the best tips and tricks to get you travelling with ease.

Download on: the App Store | Google Play

While you’re there

Google Translate | XE Currency Converter

Google Maps | Local transport apps |Uber

Google Translate

While Duolingo is one of the best ways to learn a new language, it can’t teach you everything, or maybe there’s not enough time to get as fluent as you would like. This is where Google Translate can be super helpful. Not only can it help you to translate words you find unfamiliar, there’s also one super helpful tip. You can hold your phone up to a sign or piece of paper you’re struggling with and the app will translate it there and then. How helpful is that? There are 103 languages to translate to and from, and you can save some of your favourite or most used words or phrases so you can still access them if you’ve run out of data. Isn’t that one of the best travel apps available!

Download on: the App Store | Google Play

XE Currency Converter

We Brits have our own currency, which gives travelling in Europe that little extra step when we need to go to a Bureau de Change. Trying to calculate currency exchange rates in your head can be an utter nightmare. That’s why having an app on your phone that does all the work for you is such a lifesaver. It makes shopping abroad that little bit easier!

Download on: the App Store | Google Play

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best travel apps there is, and it’s probably one you’ll use on a daily basis. It’s very reliable when looking at transport links or for directions from your hotel to that awesome nightclub you’ve heard whispers about on social media. You can also check out closing times of establishments around you, so you need never be left outside after opening hours again!

Download on: the App Store | Google Play

Local transport apps

Once you’ve found where the most exciting clubs are, or you’ve booked an evening at a fine dining restaurant together, the next step is to get there. Taking public transport is the best way to experience life like a local when you’re on your travels, so I highly recommend you download some local public transport apps. They should be displayed on bus stops or in tram or train stations. All of them are very reliable when it comes to times and distances, so it will make getting around a breeze!

Download on: the App Store | Google Play


The king of taxi and ride-sharing apps. Uber is active in over 730 cities across 80 countries, so it’s wholly likely you’ll need this app during your stay. It saves you time on waiting at a taxi rank for a cab that could take hours to arrive by giving you the option to hail one immediately or to pre-book.  And, if you don’t have any cash on you at the moment, no need to panic. You can pay for your Uber using your credit or debit card. Before you book your car, you’ll also see an estimate of the cost of your journey. It takes just a little bit of hassle out of your journey.

If you don’t want to support Uber (and there are lots of people who don’t) you can also use Lyft, or any other local taxi service available.

Download Uber on: the App Store | Google Play

Download Lyft on: the App Store | Google Play

All these apps are designed to help you save money, save time and get around easily. No wonder they’re the best travel apps out there. Now all that’s left for you to do is to find the best holiday/business trip to make use of these apps I’ve found you. It’s the perfect opportunity to test them out.


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