We are a lot more lucky to live in this amazing country than we realise. Irish people for the most part, tend to stick to the same local bar, week in week out, complaining about the lack of variety that they experience in their social lives. When I found my Guru wings and became bitten by the travel bug, I decided to max out all possibilities in Ireland before venturing overseas to experience different cultures.

The Best Irish Pubs and Bars

After visiting each city, I have fallen in love with this country even more. I now have six places that I can call a home from home. So to give you some ideas for your next Irish city break, I have compiled a list of the best Irish pubs and bars that you must visit because let’s face it, as a country, we love a drink. So this should be extremely relevant! ;) Enjoy!

1. Kilkenny City – The Dylan Whiskey Bar

If whiskey is not your thing then be sure not to judge this book by its cover. This bar has an incredible drinks menu with draft beers, cocktails and fine wines to choose from. It’s a whiskey lover’s paradise all the same as you will find over 200 different types to choose from in their ‘Spirit Library’.

The Bob Dylan related décor of the pub probably make it stand out as one of the nicest and unique on the whole island. Every night in the bar has a lively feel to it, with there likely to be just as good of a crowd on a Tuesday as you would get on a Saturday. If you ever have the chance, enjoy the heart and soul of Kilkenny with a visit to this little hub of class and culture.

The Dylan Whiskey Bar

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2. Waterford City – Geoff’s Café Bar

Nothing beats a pub that can adapt to what you need, depending on the time of day. Whether it be pub grub in the early evening or a lively night out on the town, Geoff’s Bar will cover all of your requirements and then some. I feel in love with the place as soon as I saw the dinner they placed before me and the portions are generous to say the least.

The pub seems to have a constant friendly atmosphere and positive vibe that is infectious. At night, the pub transforms into everything you could possibly hope for; a great crowd, amazing live music and brilliant beer garden to chill out in. If you’re ever in Waterford it would be criminal not to check this place out.


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3. Limerick City – Nancy Blake’s

Recommended to me by a good friend, this place did anything but disappoint. If you like a bar with live music and a great atmosphere, this place wrote the book on it. The smoking area is huge too for those of you who like to get a bit of ‘fresh air’ ;).

There is fabulous trad music playing throughout whole building and it is the place to be whenever there is a Munster rugby match on. Saturday night in Limerick just after midnight, there is no better craic in the county then in Nancy Blake’s bar when the tunes are blaring.

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4. Galway City – The Quays Bar

The Quays Bar in Galway is three floors of incredible and authentic Irish fun. It has a great layout and there are something to appeal to all tastes. It is directly beside the Spanish Arch in Galway City and it has some unbelievably delicious seafood on it’s menu.

Poached Salmon and Oysters are just the tip of the iceberg and even if you don’t like Guinness, the Quays Bar has something magic in it’s taps that make a pint of the black stuff too good to be missed.

The Quays

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5. Cork City- Sin É

From the first moment you step in this bar you will be welcomed with open arms. The craic with the locals is on a different level and again the live music give this bar a charm and personality that is unmatched by any other place in Cork.

The staff are incredibly friendly and your first experience is guaranteed not to be your last. The one word I would use to describe the Sin É bar is ‘character’, and it has it in spades. Don’t let this amazing bar pass you by if you’re ever in the Rebel County.

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6. Dublin City – Sweeney’s

I combined my first experience of Sweeney’s with a trip to the Olympia Theatre to see a show. It was without doubt the best night out I’ve probably ever had in our country’s capital (and yes that includes college nights in Coppers). ‘A drinking pub with a music problem’ is how they describe themselves and it’s an appropriate tag for a brilliant pub.

Every night of the week it is worth a visit but on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this bar is something special. The banter is one of a kind and whether it be a DJ or live band that is performing, they always hit the right notes when it comes to creating an unforgettable atmosphere. This bar is perfection!

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These bars have given me six nights I will never forget. So why not break the mould of your weekly socialising routine and experience the best that this island has to offer. Take a trip to one of these amazing cities in summer 2015. :)

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