The beloved holiday destination of Bali has quite a few things to offer. Aside from magical landscapes, the stunning beaches, and the incredible surfing opportunities for example, there is also a whole load of luxury hotels and apartments which are kitted out with some amazing pools. It is exactly that that I would like to show you today… Get ready for the most beautiful infinity pools in Bali!

Bali is the island of dreams… No one can deny that. The landscapes that this island in the Indian Ocean offers are just too beautiful, not to mention the extraordinary range of accommodation which will take your breath away. It is the combination of picturesque, authentic places and fantastic places to stay, more than anything else, that make a holiday on Bali so special. If you are one of the lucky ones that has stayed in the following places, then I can only envy you, for it is here that you’ll find the best infinity pools in Bali.

The Best Infinity Pools in Bali

The Royal Pita Maha | Banyan Tree Ungasan | Hanging Gardens

The Legian | Karma Kandara | The Edge | Viceroy Bali


The Royal Pita Maha

The luxurious 5 star Royal Pita Maha Resort is in the small Balinese village of Kedewatan, just a few kilomoters north of Ubud. The gorgeous, tropical surroundings are already enough to convince me that a stay here will be worth it. But check out the awesome infinity pool! Just imagine waking up to that each morning… I’m lost for words. Yep, that’s your own private pool to enjoy for the next few days, as long as you like. Let your gaze wander over the view and take in this unbeatable landscape.

Banyan Tree Ungasan

Would you rather spend your holiday directly next to the sea? Then I can really recommend the Banyan Tree in the lovely Ungasan. Here you can enjoy relaxing days in one of the individual villas which come with one of the best views of all, out over the wide Indian Ocean. When you need to cool off, the just hop into the huge infinity pool and swim a few lengths. Yep… That’s how lovely and simple life in Bali can be!!

Hanging Gardens

Have you already heard a little about the Hanging Gardens in Bali? If not, then it’s about time, as the infinity pool in this resort is world famous. The pool landscaping stretches over several floors and hanging gardens. Once inside you can enjoy the breathtaking natural surroundings, as this villa complex is situated in the middle of Bali’s jungle. This has got to be one of the best places to stay in that Bali has ever seen!

The Legian

Luxury, harmony and pure relaxation – and all that in one of the most beautiful places on this earth. Yep, that description sounds about accurate to describe the extraordinary The Legian, in the beloved town of Seminyak. The place is best known amongst surfers, but also amongst the more upmarket holidaymakers that are after a little peace and quiet in some luxury accommodation. The Legion is one of those types of places that could hardly be more beautiful. Thanks to the quiet location, far away from the touristy hubbub of Bali, you can enjoy a little time for yourself here, or spend time as a couple. Say, maybe in the gorgeous infinity pool with sea views?

Karma Kandara

It’s a pretty special and unique holiday experience which awaits you if you stay in the legendary Karma Kandara in Ungasan. Natural beauty combined with pure luxury… If you stay in one of the lovely villas on the island, which are mostly found on the cliffs, then you will have the time of your life. You don’t even need anything to do here, as you can just sit and enjoy the quiet in your luxury surroundings. Treat yourself to a massage, right on the ocean, or enjoy a delicious dinner right out of the Balinese kitchen… oh, and don’t forget to swim a few lengths in the seemingly endless infinity pool. Just stunning.

The Edge

A villa directly on the Indian Ocean, with its own butler AND a pool which seems to jut out into the wide, wide ocean… Doesn’t that sound like the dream? Well it doesn’t have to be! No if you spend your Bali holiday in The Edge. This place is just the perfect retreat for all those who are looking for a care-free and luxurious holiday of the next level. Have breakfast served in bed or even brought to the poolside, enjoy the world-class spa treatments and feel all of your worries melt away. At least for a few days, as that is how a holiday should be!

Viceroy Bali

Lying in the highlands of Ubud, directly on flourishing hillside and surrounded by rice fields, jungle landscapes, and impressive ravines, you can find the extraordinary villa complex of Viceroy Bali. These are classy villas, decorated in the most luxurious style. If you book the most expensive villa in the best location, then you’re guaranteed to find a retreat from the hoards of tourists. It would certainly be the right choice! Just one look at these pictures is enough to show you what an amazing time you could have here as a guest at these villas.

It seems as though there must be a relationship between magical, natural surroundings like the ocean and infinity pools, don’t you think? With views like that, it must feel like a dream to be able to swim a few lengths in one of these pools or relax on the side. Who’s ready to go to Bali? I know I am!


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