So you’re looking to experience the totally different and unique world of Bangkok!? Well I’m here to give you my top tips on how to really make the most of it, and to find the cheapest and best hotels around :) ‘Cause if you’re gonna do it, do it right!

Bangkok – Top 5 Things To Make It Extra Special!

From mindblowing temples to a very interesting nightlife and everything in between, Bangkok has a bit of everything, so it can be hard to know where to start. But I’ve a few ideas ;)

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Romantic Dinner Cruise

First off, you’re best off finding something interesting to do right in the heart of the city. To make sure you see as much as you can, and really get a feel for your surroundings. Which is why this romantic dinner cruise is so appealing! It’s a two hour experience along the river and offers you a wide mix of Thai dishes. So it’s pretty ideal… for one, you’ll get to see the city’s landscape from a whole other direction, and you’ll also have the best opportunity to taste some of the local cuisine!

Along the cruise you’ll pass temples and iconic sites, so it’s certainly one way to fit a lot of things in! You’ll witness traditional Thai music and dance, you’ll get a history booklet of the river, a complimentary bus pickup and dropoff from a lot of central hotels, and of course the dinner, which includes three fine dining menus. Talk about luxury! ;) So if you want to book this dinner cruise for just €40, just click the link below and start looking forward to a bit of quality time in one of the most interesting cities :)

Book Your Romantic Dinner Cruise!


Morning Tuk-Tuk Tour & Markets

After seeing the city in the later hours on the cruise, you might want to see it as the sun rises ;) Live like a local and take a tuk-tuk tour around all the major sites and attractions, exploring the streets and just getting a real feel for daily life in the area. The tour is 4-5 hours and you’ll get to visit the Amulet Market and Buddhist heritage at Wat Pho. You may even pick up a few bargains at Woeng Nakorn Kasem… well worth a gander!

There aren’t many places you’ll get to ride around in a tuk-tuk and just totally blend in with the culture… so I say take advantage while you’re in Bangkok! Not to mention that you’ll learn a lot about the history of the city, and of course you’ll avoid likely scams that tend to be involved in other tuk-tuk excursions that aren’t ran by well known tour operators like this one :) So play it safe and play it cheap! It’s only €39 for this tour, and you can easily book it just by clicking the link below.

Book Your Morning Tuk-Tuk Tour!


Full Day at Safari World!

I mean, I’m gonna say this is an ideal treat if you’re taking the kids along with you… but let’s be honest, there’s something in this for everyone! ;) Visit Safari World and experience the open zoo with wild animals and a marine park where you can witness a whole variety of marine animals. It can make the perfect family day out with something for everyone.

You’ll be picked up in the morning and brought to Safari World, where you’ll have a 45 minute trip around the Safari ark, and explore the wildlife up close and personal! There’ll be plenty of things to see and do afterwards and you’ll be brought around to the different areas of the park. You’ll then leave at 16:30 and head back to your hotel, where you can then head out and do something for the evening in the city :) If you want to book this day at Safari World, including your transfers, it’s just €36, and you can book it by just clicking the link below.

Book Your Day at Safari World Here!


‘The Hangover’ Inspired Nightlife Tour!

When it comes to the nightlife in Bangkok, there’s plenty to experience! But this tour caters for those of you who want to see the best of the best! You’ll have an experienced guide around the city, visiting bars featured in ‘The Hangover 2’, and many others on top of that. You’ll be brought to the three main nightlife areas of the city – Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Pat Pong… for the best of both the wilder side and the chilled ‘few quiet ones’ side!

You’ll be picked up from your hotel and brought from one to the other, starting at the Tilac Bar, which was actually seen in Hangover 2 and Bridget Jones’ Diary! At the end of the night, when you’ve seen just about enough, you’ll be brought back to your hotel safe and sound and ready for whatever you’ve got planned for the next day. The perfect way to really fit as much of the nightlife in as you can.

If you want to book this nightlife tour now for just €49, just click the link below where you can also find more info.

Book Your Nightlife Tour!


Zipline Tour!

This is one for those of you wanting a bit of adventure… you know, spice up the trip! Although, it’s Bangkok… it won’t need much spicing up!

On this zipline tour you’ll be picked up by a driver from your hotel and can set out to enjoy a 3km course flying on a zipline. You’ll obviously get a safety briefing and be kitted out in proper gear before soaring through the air! You’ll come in contact with rare nightlife that you otherwise wouldn’t see and you’ll have some of the most amazing views you’ve ever seen! And not only this, but you can also enjoy a thai lunch or dinner… all included in the price. A great way to make Thai memories!

If you want to get more info on this tour and book it for just €89, you can click the link below.

Book Your Zipline Tour!


There are tonnes and tonnes of things to get up to in Bangkok, so let’s just hope you’re staying a while! :) These are just some suggestions, but I think they can really help at least give you a starting point, and some guarantee of seeing the city cheaply and effectively :) I’ve also left a link below for you to find the cheapest and best hotels in Bangkok, so just click that to sort out your accommodation.

Find Hotels in Bangkok!

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