In the running for more than 550 years, I think it’s safe to say that Durkheim’s Wurstmarkt know what they’re doing!

Not only is this momentous occasion the largest wine festival in the world, but it boasts a fine reputation across Germany as the most traditional and entertaining festival. So I would think it’s definitely one to note!

With over 600,000 visitors a year, it’s pretty clear that the festival is a massive success. Given its traditional vibes, locals and visitors alike all countdown and wait for the event everytime September comes around. And it’s so much more than just wine tasting, so I thought I’d give you a brief run-down of everything you can experience at the Pfalz festival…

Small Church on top of vineyards in the town of Bad Durkheim, Germany known for its Wurtzfest shutterstock_6041542-2

Live Music

Enjoy some live entertainment while you sip away at plenty of different vinos. You’ll lend your ear to traditional German brass bands while they feed you with Schlager party music, and popular hits, amongst other genres, and it’s bound to have you up having a good time, throwing some shapes! :)

Colorful fireworks at the world largest wine festival / carnival - bad duerkheim, germany
Colorful fireworks at the world largest wine festival / carnival – bad duerkheim, germany

Fairground & Attractions

Not only a place to embrace a few alcoholic beverages, but a place to give way to your inner child! ;) Speaking of which… this is actually a fantastic place for the whole family. So think again if you’re planning on getting on babysitter, ’cause this can be a great place for the kids to blow off a bit of steam and have a great experience to remember. A huge ferris wheel, attractions, and stalls… there’s so much around to occupy your time :)

Wine, wine & more wine!

There’s a wine festival, and then there’s Durkheimer Wurstmarkt…! You can enjoy over 150 different wines here, ranging from all different flavours. Fine wines, sweet-ice wines… and I mean, if you’re just there for the atmosphere and aren’t the biggest wine fan… there’s also a Beer Hall… this is Germany we’re talking about! ;) So fear not!

Bad Duerkheim, Germany - August 2, 2011: Biggest barrel in the world. It is in Bad Duerkheim / Germany. 1.700.000 liter barrel capacity. Diameter is 13,5 meter. Built in 1934, made of wood. 150 people can sit inside the barrel and having wine and food.

Now that you know what to expect, I better lead you in the direction of places to stay! So to find the cheapest and best hotels in the area, just click this link here, and you’ll be sure to find somewhere that suits. And in terms of getting there, it’s super easy to make your way either by car or Deutsche Bahn, so you’ll have no problem there. You can just click this link here to get more info on the festival itself and to get all the transport info you need.


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