A very heavy storm has led to the destruction of the Azure Window on Gozo, an island next to Malta. Not even the stacks have remained.

It was long expected, apparently. It was said that it was just a matter of time until the unstable Azure Window would collapse. This morning then, due to a very heavy storm the rock formation crashed into the sea at around 9:40am. And not only the arch between the rocks has gone but also the stack that reached into the ocean.

Azure Window Collapsed

The unique rock formation that numerous tourists travelled to, has been the flagship of Gozo’s attractions. A must during every Malta trip, lots of visitors took the ferry over to Gozo and drove on to Dwejra where you could gaze at this impressive sight that has been there for thousands of years.

After the storm last night and the spreading of the news that the Azure window collapsed, many residents have travelled to the sad sight to view what they hoped would never happen. It is a big loss for tourism and people seem to be very touched.


Still, Malta and Gozo continues to be a remarkable destination for tourists and even without the Azure window those historic islands have loads to offer. Nevertheless, it is very sad to see this incredibly beautiful rock formation gone.

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