If you’re looking for the totally perfect sun holiday, something that has class, stunning views and all the comfort you can imagine, I’m pretty confident I’ve found you the hotel to fit the bill! ;)

Astarte Suites: A Picture Perfect Spot of Luxury in Santorini

I mean, Santorini is pretty stunning anyway, so if you get a hotel to match, it’s pretty much a dream holiday! Look no further than the Astarte Suites. They boast some of the finest luxuries the hotel world can possible give you, breathtaking views to make you sure you chose the right destination, and a look to turn the social media population green with envy! ;)

And the best bit… it’s not even that expensive! :) It obviously depends what dates you’re looking to go but I’ve found it for €195 for two people, for example. Which means it’s less than €100 each. Perfect for that romantic getaway if you ask me!


The hotel offers you a super central location which is ideal for sightseeing and just works perfectly for what you usually want from a holiday. A chance to experience new things, get a taste of the cultural and maybe spot a bit of nightlife :)

The room that I found is the junior suite with jacuzzi and luxury beach sea view… even the name is impressive! ;) It comes with all the basics you’d expect from a hotel, but it’s the extras that make it worth it! Enjoy the jacuzzi right in your suite so you only have to budge if and when you want to! Enjoy the definition of relaxation right in the room.


Admire the gorgeous view, take advantage of the free airport shuttle, and wake up to a free breakfast in the mornings :) So apart from being totally stunning, it will also save you a lot of money overall when you factor in all the commuting and food prices on a holiday :)

And of course as you can see from the photo above, it’s got a pretty slick outdoor pool that I’d just basically live in if I were you! When are you gonna have a view like that while just messing around having a swim!?

So to book your heavenly stay for whatever dates you like, just click the link below and choose your dates :)


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