Whether it is for a city break, a luxury holiday or a groupaway; Barcelona is an ideal destination to visit especially when travelling on a budget! So, once you have your flight and hotel booked (you can find many deals on my website here) and a plan of things to do for free – ( I will give many ideas below) ! You are good to go … ;)

1. Walking Tours

It costs nothing to move your feet and with a free walking tour you have the added bonus of a tour guide so, you actually know what you are looking at ;) Runner Bean Tours (rated: 5/5 stars on TripAdvisor out of 1,383 + Certificate of Excellence 2014 ) is a small family tour company operating in only Barcelona set up by a Spanish-Irish couple! Runner Bean Tours offer two free walking tours and the rest of the tours will cost a small fee. The two tours that you can join at no cost are:

1.The Gaudi Free Walking Tour

which teaches you about Gaudi‘s eccentric life and lets you discover his amazing work around Barcelona! You will get answers to many questions and see his spectacular architecture. The tour brings you to Placa Reial, Casa Mila/La Pedrera, Casa Battlo, Sagrada Familia and Palau Guell! :)


2. The Old City Free Walking Tour

where you will discover Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter through the narrow streets of one of Europe’s most charming medieval districts! The tour will give you a unique view of the old city by answering your questions and teaching you about the ancient traditions of the city :) The tour brings you to Placa Reial, Placa del Pi, The Old Jewish Quarter, Placa Sant Jaume, The Cathedral Cloister, Placa Sant Felip Neri, The Roman City, The Medieval City & Placa del Rei and Santa Maria Del Mar :)

2. Markets

The best way to get a feel for any city is by visiting their local markets. A good market is busy and is filled with both locals and tourists so, go on and take in the sights, sounds and smells of Barcelona through the various markets that the city is home to! You will get a thrill of trying to haggle and getting a good bargain from the experience, but, remember that it costs nothing to window shop!! ;) Barcelona boasts a wide range of markets and there is something to interest everyone from food to art to flea and flowers! :) Below I have composed a list of my top 5 favourite markets in no specific order of preference.. ;)

1. Mercat de Sant Josep/ La Boqueria

This is one of Barcelona’s most famous markets that is located centrally on the main street of La Rambla and is perfect for wandering through it! Your sense of smell will go wild here and it has many sweet counters that you will most likely be drawn to! :)

2. Fira Artesana

This is the perfect example of what a local market is in Barcelona. Held the first Friday and Saturday of every month it is referred to as a honey market as local producers from Catalan come here to sell their fresh organic produce. You will find homemade cakes and delicious cheeses flavoured with honey. Here you will experience a charming atmosphere if you are in Barcelona the first Friday or Saturday of the month!

3. Mercadillo de la Placa de Sant Josep

For any art enthusiasts come here to see Catalonian artists and artwork. The market isn’t very big but, features artists that each have a unique style. So, browse through the artwork and gather inspiration from the local artists in Barcelona :)

4. Mercat Del Encants

This is one of Barcelona’s largest flea markets. So delve into the world of old and new and see everything from Spanish antiques to Spanish CDs. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you are best arriving early for real bargains and haggling is a way of speaking here – try it, it is fun! :)

Last but not least for something different visit –

5. Mercat de la Concepcio a flower market, here is visually and fragrantly beautiful! See the colours and smell the scents of flowers that you may have not seen before :)

3. Party

Normally a night out on the town is where most of your hard earned holiday savings are spent! But, going out doesn’t have to be expensive..it can even be free!! ;) Barcelona is a vibrant city that loves to celebrate! So, why not plan your trip around holidays and festivals that reflect the traditions of Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona. You can find free outdoor celebrations for any of these holidays and festive days such as:

  • January – (December 31st) – New Years Eve
  • February – (7th – 13th) – Carnival
  • March – (1st week) – Festival de sant Medir de Gracia
  • April – (23rd) – Sant Jordi
  • May – (11th) Sant Ponc
  • June – Corpus Cristi – L’ou com Balla
  • July – Grec Festival
  • August – (15th – 21st) Festa Major de Gracia
  • September – (24th) La Merce
  • October – (12th) National Day
  • November – (1st) All Saints’ Day
  • December –  (13th+) Christmas 

If celebrating outside is not your thing and you are wanting to experience Barcelona’s nightlife at clubs you can gain free access by putting your name on guest lists for events on Facebook ;)


4. Outdoors

The only type of spending that is free is to spend your time! So spend it wisely and grab your beach gear and head to the beach! :) Barcelona has many beaches but, the most famous has to be Barceloneta Beach :) It is a touristy area due to the fact that it is the closest beach to the city, but as it is a popular  beach to visit you will definitely be entertained here! Here you will hear drums being played, see sand artists hard at work and listen and watch singing, dancing donut sales men! Spend your time here in the gymnastics area, playing beach volleyball, beach tennis or table tennis :)

If Barceloneta Beach is doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, All you need is a few coins to get on a train that takes half an hour to  reach your tranquil destination! :) Ocata Beach is just north of Barcelona and you will find that this is a beautiful quiet beach of golden white sand! Here you will have no problem finding a place to sunbathe and the water invites you for a swim! :)


5. Museums

Visiting museums can cost in Barcelona so, being aware of which museums are free or which days and times you can visit for free is a necessity – because why pay for something when you can get it for free? ;)

Below is a list of  museums that might interest you on your visit with the days and times for free visitation :)

1. Picasso Museum – Free on Thursdays, 7 – 9.30pm

2. The National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) – Free on Saturdays, 3-6pm

3. Maritime Museum of Barcelona – Free on Sundays, 3 – 6pm

4. Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) – New exhibitions are free on the first day

5. Museum and Study Center of Sport Doctor Melcior Colet – Free Everyday!

Barcelona is brimming with art everywhere you go and… for free! :) Visit galleries to see photos, sculptures, paintings and furniture and absorb all the finished products of creativity the city has.

As there is so much choice, I have composed a list of my top 10 favourite galleries (again in no specific order ;)) in Barcelona so you can spend a day feasting your eyes on art for no cost at all during your stay ;)

1.  Metronom 

2. Fundacio Foto Colectania

3. Fundacio Fran Daurel

4. Fundacio Joan Brossa

5. Palau Robert

6. Galeria Joan Gaspar 

7.  Galeria H2O  (this website is AMAZING!)

8.  Joan Prats

9. Angels Barcelona

10. Toni Tapies

Barcelona is a city filled with art, stories and atmosphere! By visiting you are stepping into history, architecture, style and culture that will leave you refreshed!! So, go on and make new memories and have an adventure without reaching too deep into your pocket..! ;) You can find many Barcelona holiday packages and city break deals here! So, let me know what was your favourite thing to do for free in Barcelona once you return :)


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