Sometimes all you need to make that good holiday perfect is a damn good hotel with views to wow you sunrise and sunset. So check out five of my favourites around the world…

5 Hotels with The Most Perfect View!

Embassy Suites Niagara Falls – Fallsview

When you manage to head to a location with some of the most breathtaking nature, it’s a serious privilege. Even to be able to make a day out and see this phenomenons. So to have them right on your hotel doorstep, available to the naked eye 24/7 during your stay, is an absolute game changer. The Embassy Suites Niagara Falls hotel in Canada is a 4* located just looking over Niagara Falls as if it’s a simple resort pool. Amazing!

Not only that but the hotel boasts three restaurants, an indoor pool and two spa tubs… just to make it even more appealing. Only problem is… with this view, you might never want to leave!

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Strawberry Hill, Jamaica

The Jamaican Mountains provide nothing but the best of views for any lucky eyes that are laid upon them. So what about spending an entire holiday to living in that view. The Strawberry Hill hotel is simply the best when it comes to decent views in spectacular places. The number one reason I urge you to check it out if you happen to be dreaming of going to the area!

In the hotel itself, there’s a restaurant and a bar… standard. But, wait for it… a full-service spa so you can really treat yourself to the best of the best in relaxation terms, a sauna, an outdoor pool, and an airport shuttle to make sure you’ve minimal hassle when it comes to commuting. The icing on the cake for the flawless getaway :)

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Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London

We all love a bit of London. That busy bee buzz and the fact that there’s always something going on, always something to interest passer-bys and never a dull moment. It also happens to boast some nice skyscrapers and landmarks… The London Eye for instance. So wouldn’t it be great to have a hotel where you could just enjoy those views and the whole vibe of busy London right from your room?

The Shangri0La Hotel offers you just that. Located right at The Shard, you’ll miss nothing. Experience the hustle and bustle right from your own comfort. Not to mention the fact that there’s a luxurious restaurant and cocktail serving, just to make sure you have the best stay possible. And the floor to ceiling windows definitely aid that viewing experience. And you can’t say being less than a minute walk from London Bridge station is anything more than an absolute heavenly convenience when you’re trying to explore!

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Hotel Barriere Le Majestic

Next up is the Cannes property, located just 0.3km from the city centre, boasting some beautiful views of the Mediterranean and the French Riviera mountains. Could it be any more perfect!? If you’re visiting this region, it’s probably for the landscape and the weather… so when you’ve got all that while having accommodation that allows you to take advantage of its beauty at all times, you’re really on to a winner!

As well as this, you’ll have the comfort of real spacious and stylish rooms to just kick back and relax in during your stay… what we all need on a holiday. There’s a spa on site and a private beach and pool… so go ahead and indulge 100% in the Summer holiday lifestyle. Bliss!

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One & Only Ocean Club, Bahamas

The luscious Bahamas. Is there anywhere nicer on the planet? I’m gonna say definitely not! And that’s why it’s so important to get a hotel that takes advantage of that and boasts breathtaking views. Can’t have it all going to waste can you!? :) if I had a hotel in the Bahamas that offered me a view of everything there is to love about the place… I might never be happy anywhere else again!!

The One & Only Ocean Club hotel has everything. Of course, it has top notch views, golf and tennis facilities for those looking for a bit of entertainment, a spa for pampering and relaxation, and plenty of water sports for new experiences! So if you fancy a bit of diving or snorkelling, you know where to stay! Not to mention the 24 hour butler service, champagne and strawberries every afternoon delivered right to your room, and super easy access to the sandy beach!

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