Do you find regular hotels too boring? Would you rather check into another kind of accommodation? Then you’re going to love my article, as I’ve found you a couple of extraordinary places to stay! In the following five hotels, you can just sleep outside under the starry night sky! Who needs boring hotel beds when you can sleep outside in the midst of nature?!

Photo: Nkwichi Lodge

Amangiri Resort, Utah

The Amangiri Resort in the US State of Utah is an absolute paradise for nature lovers. The hotel complex lies within an impressive rocky territory, offering a breathtaking backdrop! This means that the complex could easily be part of the countryside, as it merges perfectly with nature! Whoever checks in here has the choice between different suites, which all offer a fantastic view of the surrounding area. The ultimate highlight is however the standalone bed outside the hotel, which guarantees an unforgettable night. The so-called Sky Lounge does indeed cost slightly more than the normal suites, but hey, it’s a one-off thing ;)

Photo: Aman Resort
Photo: Amangiri Resort

Loisaba Star Beds, Kenya

As the name reveals, a pretty special overnight stay awaits those who stay at Loisaba Star Beds. There are no rooms here per se, but instead eight roofed platforms with a bed, each one raised up by stilts! Through the standalone beds, guests have a perfect view of the phenominal scenery and the Uaso Nyiro River – It’s fricking awesome! What’s better than sleeping within a nature reserve? There’s no way you could get any closer to nature!

Photo: Loisaba Hotels

Null Stern Hotel, Switzerland

It’s not only in distant lands that you can find extraordinary places to stay, but also next door in Switzerland. The recently opened Null Stern Hotel in Safiental offers its guests a bed between meadows, mountains and fields – here you really become one with nature and the two of you can enjoy a couple of hours of romance. To make sure you’re cared for, there’s even a 24 hour butler service – what a luxury! So if you’re looking for a couple of unforgettable nights, you’ve come to the right place :)

Photo: Null Stern Hotel

Nkwichi Lodge, Mozambique

Those who chose to stay in the Nkwichi Lodge by the Malawi Sea will probably never forget it! The breathtaking complex doesn’t only offer 8 private beaches and luxury cottages, but also a Star Bed with a view of the Malawi Sea. Whilst this indulgence is, in all honesty, not exactly cheap, it must be worth it for the location, right? When looking at views such as these, even I become speechless!

Photo: Nkwichi Lodge

Kagga Kamma Private Nature Reserve, South Africa

In the Kagga Kamma Private Nature Reserve, close to Kapstadt, nature freaks definitely get their money’s worth. Here you can sleep in so-called Open Air Rooms located directly at the foot of the sandstone rock formations. From your suite, you have a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside and you can just enjoy the natural element. Whether anyone actually wants to sleep in front of such a fantastic view is still up for debate :)

Photo: Kagga Kamma
Photo: Kagga Kamma

These beds under the open sky really knock me off my socks! Why hang about in boring hotel rooms when there’s so many amazing places to stay like these? These star beds are definitely going on my bucket list!


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