Let’s be honest… there’s one other date on the calendar that’s a pretty close second to December 25th… and nope, not December 24th. Toy Show Day!!!

12 Perfect Gifts Of Christmas

The countdown is over, the last Friday in November is here, and since RTE will be inspiring kids and young teenagers around Ireland with what to put in their Santa letters, I thought I’d shed some light for the rest of you and give you just a couple of ideas to fill those stockings ;)


Kindle Fire

If this was a few years ago and I was recommending a Kindle to you, it would be merely to those who are big readers… but the Kindle has evolved… big time! :D

There’s something super exciting about ripping off that wrapping paper and finding some sort of gadget on Christmas morning anyway. You can basically be a big kid for the day again and just mess around with it for hours and end! :) And this is a device that will stretch much further than Christmas and Stephens’ Day!

The Kindle Fire is now equipped with excellent front facing cameras, a whole new app store offering you plenty of apps and games, the prime facility to stream thousands of Prime videos, so while you’re off travelling and waiting in a boring airport queue waiting for that delayed flight, just crack out the kindle and enjoy one of your favourite series of films :)

Not to mention unlimited cloud storage space… you’ll be laughin’! Pretty much a perfect Christmas gift… not pricey, hours of fun on the day, and so handy! Win-win!


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Game Of Thrones Monopoly

Call them from whatever stone age period you like… board games are so appreciate over Christmas when frankly, you’ve heard your grandparents’ same stories for the 7th time now but it’s still December and therefore “family time” so you grin and bare it…! This new Games of Thrones version of Monopoly will spark a bit of fun for everyone :D

Play the classic game using your favourite characters from the series and just enjoy a bit of quality time. It’s what Christmas is about really isn’t it!? Maybe you don’t always have to race to beat your siblings to the Iron Throne… but now you do and it’s fantastic! ;)


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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

Talking about family time at Christmas, it’s always nice to capture memories on the occasion :) The fujifilm Instax camera is pretty much a newer, modern version of polaroid. So basically, you take a snap, and immediately out comes the little credit card sized sheets and you just watch the photo develop.

These are great if you want to get a family photo and pass a few copies around for everyone. Also, as I said they’re credit card sized so if you’re on for carrying a photo in your wallet, there ya go!

It’s a great gift to give to someone, and not all that pricey. I mean, the sheets are about €25 for 20, which might sound like a lot but when you think about the fact that you won’t be taking like 15 selfies every 10 minutes like you do on your phone, you’ll actually have plenty of sheets to do you for ages :D And when you actually buy it here, you get 20 free sheets included so the camera is good to go for a while at least. Great gift to give someone!


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4* Hotel Stay In Prague For €109!

There’s probably nothing nicer than being taken on an exciting city break, and Amsterdam is definitely that :) With this brilliant groupon deal for just €109, you can send yourself and someone special to the Expo Hotel in Amsterdam for two nights, located at easy access to the city centre’s main attractions :)

The hotel offers complimentary Wifi, spacious rooms with a TV and a delicious complimentary buffet breakfast each morning so it will make for a really nice weekend break together in a lively and animated city :)


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Classic Christmas Jumper!

What’s a Christmas list without a good ole festive jumper thrown in there!? We all need one in the wardrobe just waiting to see the outside world for one month of the year :D Amazon actually do a pretty impressive selection of them too, and there’s a number of them available in unisex so it’s a suitable gift for whoever’s the cheesy Christmas fanatic in your life!

They’re in a range of prices from about €20 – €25 so it will depend which one you choose but it’s always a good gift to add to the little stack under the tree :) Something to wear on a little outing to ice skating or maybe you’ll be a lucky owner of Toy Show tickets next year!! … you’ll need it then ;)

xmas jumper

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Luxurious Winter Pamper Package Only €49

If you know someone who could do with a bit of relaxation and revitalisation, there’s little more effective than a good spa pamper package :) And there’s a very reasonable offer going at the moment on Pamper.ie where you can book 3 treatments, afternoon tea and a glass of bubbly for just €49. Bare in mind that this package would usually add up to €98 so it’s a pretty big steal if you ask me :)

It’s in the Headfort Arms Spa Rooms in county Meath and is renowned for their hospitality and thorough attitude so it’s sure to be worth it.  You can always turn it into a little romantic getaway for two of you as well.

Treatments include an aromatherapy hot oil back, neck and shoulder massage, an organic peat nourishing mini facial and an anti-ageing eye treatment. All this equipped with soft music and candles, it’s the perfect relaxation gift :)


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2 Night City Break In Madrid For €99

A city break never goes unappreciated! On any occasion :) So you’ll both be winning. Someone will be jetting off to the Spanish city of Madrid and you’ll be parting with very little money in the gesture! :)

For only €99, you can book someone two nights in a lovely hotel in Madrid, plus flights, so set their January up super nicely! The Santos Praga Hotel is only 10 minutes from the city centre and is quite close to the Manzanares River so it’s a pretty ideal stay :)  For details and to book them a deserved night away, you can just book it through the link below.


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J-Bonest Laptop Messenger Bag

If someone you know is a college student or just has to carry a laptop along with other documents to and from work everyday, a nice comfortable laptop bag could be a very useful present :) This J-Bonest one is super comfy as well as durable and strong so it’s pretty perfect for whatever you need to carry.

Also comes in loads of different colours… grey, pink, purple and blue… so something for everyone! :) Just a perfect gift for a college student… we all know the pain of trying to squeeze a laptop into a backpack along with everything else!


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Pamper Package With Chocolates For Two

Two things that women love… spa deals and chocolate. So no more struggling to think of that perfect gift for her! And what’s even better is you can book this deal for the two of you and make it a really nice day out after the festive season :)

For just €72 for the two of you, this deal includes a 90 minute pamper package of relaxation/deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and a choice of the sauna or reflexology treatment… not to mention the chocolates on arrival! :)

It’s the perfect way to wind down and spend time together!


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Harry Potter Box Set for €20!

Amazon are great for their TV box sets. And when you’re in munching on chocolates for about two weeks straight over Christmas… what better to do than have a full Harry Potter marathon! :D

You can the complete 8 film collection for just €20… pretty brilliant deal, and you can just look back over the dramatic development of the films again and again and again!

It’s a simple stocking filler or just a little addition under the tree and I can guarantee it will be very much appreciated by any Potter fan, so go for it… it’s a bargain and a half! ;)


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iPhone charging case

We all have that apple-loyal friend who has a phone for about 2 hours before they’re running around, charger in hand, looking for the nearest Starbucks to steal some electricity… in return of being robbed for a coffee…! Maybe you are that friend, sorry…

Why not pick someone up a very useful gift this year. This iphone case literally looks like just a simple phone cover that attaches on to the back of your phone, but it’s actually a million times better! Just charge the case and then once you attach it to the phone, it will keep your phone charged on the go. Yep, you can actually communicate away from a socket!

They won’t even know themselves. This will be even extra special if a new iPhone was on their Santa list this year!


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Rob Kearney Life-Size Cut Out!!

Saving the best till last, of course! ;) If you’re sitting there thinking, “why would I want a cardboard cut out of Rob Kearney!?” … you’re lying.

It’s common knowledge that he’s probably the best eye candy on the Irish rugby team, so for the laugh just order a friend a life sized cut out, and maybe just leave it next to the Christmas Tree on the night of Christmas Eve… be sneaky about it, it’ll be gas! :D

You could of course order a cut out of anyone at all… but why would you want to do that when Rob Kearney exists? Really though, the link to the website is below so just upload the photo you want cut out and there ya go!



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Sure whatever is on your Christmas list this year, make it a good one! And of course, enjoy the Toy Show!! ?


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